You are smart



We humans are very funny..
And I will show you why I said so in a minute..
Let’s quickly go through a marketing lesson I have for you today..
Giddy up..
A quick question before all that.. 
Have you fell in love with a product because you see someone using it?
Ever wished to purchase a shoe because you see someone wearing it?
What do you think is the cause of that?
Let me tell you what you are thinking right now..
It’s because it’s beautiful 
It’s my perfect color 
Yada yada
And all those reasons in your mind are basically the logic you are using to explain it..
Now Let’s get to the emotional aspect of this..
It’s mainly peer pressure..
As both a marketer and a customer, I would argue that peer pressure is at its strongest when it comes to buying…

People buy because other people buy. 

There is a reason products “trend” on Amazon, Aliexpress, Jumia, become increasingly popular as more people use them, wear them and show them off. 
In social psychology, there is a concept called “herd mentality”
Which essentially means that humans can be influenced by their peers to adopt certain emotionally charged behaviors..
(sometimes extremely rubbish behaviors).
While herd mentality can be dangerous and has certainly been the cause of many violent acts that have taken place around the world…
Like cultism, terrorism, etc…
It can also be used for good. 
For example, thousands of people donating to a single cause is a case where herd mentality has been used for the greater good. 
In addition to the social pressures we feel and perhaps a primal instinct to follow the pack….
There is also another very logical reason as to why customers like to see that others are using a product –– trust.
While salesman can be seen as greasy and unethical, friends are viewed as trustworthy. 
So, if Aminat’s friend recommends she try the new restaurant in town…
She has established a level of trust Aminat now associates with [fill in the blank restaurant]. 
And, what’s very interesting about this concept of trust is that….
84% of online shoppers are now trusting product reviews as much as recommendations from their actual friends. 
So, this behavior has stayed true even in a world where there is less face-to-face interaction in regards to buying. 
So, Dolapo
What should I do with all these Information? 
I thought we are over this part of you interrupting me..
Just calm down and let me finish or just get out…
As a marketer, be very aware of what your customers are saying both online and offline about your product or service. 
Not to mention, create products or services that are easily-shareable to strengthen their chances of going viral. 
It’s not enough anymore to simply create something that solves a need, it has to be pretty too.
Do you get all that?
You say you do..
And with that, you should have been able to deduce why I said humans are funny..
And also the marketing lesson embedded there..
I know you do because you are smart ..
Enjoy your weekend,
Dolapo Hamzat. 
I totally forgot to create the form I promised yesterday..
But I will create it today and possibly send tomorrow. 
No vex.
And my test was just there yesterday..
Did what I could do as a good student 🤣 
So catch ya tomorrow.

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