You are driving someone to their pit.



I think the more we realize that people’s opinions matter less…

The easier our lives get.

Because some years ago, something happened to me.

And I felt so down all because someone basically told me some shit.

And I will tell you what happened in a minute.

But if you are part of the people that puts people down through your words.

You are a big fool…

Infact, you are supposed to be tied to a tree and fire should be lit under your ass.

Because you are committing a grave sin.

You are a wicked person.

You are driving someone to their pit mehn.

And this thing is especially common to ladies.

A guy will come to ask you out.

Instead of you saying…

“Hey yo, you are not my type of person but you are really a good man.”

Which in its entirety is fine.

It means go and look for your babe in front but you will get the best one out there because you are a good man.

But you will say…

“You are not up to my standard and you are really ugly”

Just like what was said to me exactly 5 years ago.

That’s a grave sin.

I felt so down during that period.

All the playboy attitude ran away.

I started seeing myself as shit because of what one person said.

It took me close to 7 months to have the courage to ask another lady out.

And this definitely worked out.

But that’s not the point.

The point is, no matter the level you are, you shouldn’t talk down on anybody.

Even if the guy is a simp and he’s following you everywhere…

Just find a way to cut him off without speaking bad things about his existence. 

It sucks really.

And yeah, I know some guys can be very crazy.

They won’t leave you alone until you give them what they want or possibly insult them.

But I feel there should be a better way to avoid such sha.

Because you will still face this thing in business.

Imagine someone replying to my emails with swear words because I talked freely about sex.

And the mofo refused to unsubscribe. 

Isn’t that crazy?

Even though I helped him unsubscribe and block him from my list forever. 

But you should see I intentionally never talked about him till now. (This happened in April)

And I didn’t speak bad into his existence either.

So if by chance any of your customers, or prospects, or even soon to be clients put you down with words.

Just find a way to cut them off.

It’s that simple.

This is Internet marketing and not traditional marketing. 

You can always pitch your market on another platform and make crazy sales again.

Don’t let what someone said about your content stop you from posting content.

If it’s a good observation, find a way to input it into what you do.

But don’t ever stop doing something because just one person said it’s not good.

What about the other 9 people that really love what you do?

Please, don’t let people’s judgement put you down in any circumstances. 

It’s your business.

Market it shamelessly and let people talk.

And I think I should mention this too.

Some time ago, there’s this lady I adore so much.

I really love her growth and how she’s making waves in the Internet space. 

She even bought my Information marketing course then.

And she’s an avid follower of mine.

She replies to virtually all my emails.

But just one morning, I woke up and saw that she unsubscribed from my email list.

And she still views my WhatsApp status once once.

I was pained and surprised.

But instead of going to ask her why…

I left her abeg.

That means I have possibly said something that doesn’t sit well with her.

And she felt no need to be on my list anymore. 

And I respect her decision.

Simple as ABC.

Needless to say, don’t take unsubscribe to heart. (I have had close to 100 unsubscribes since I started email marketing)

Don’t take blocking to heart (unless you are sending unsolicited BCs)

Just keep doing the best thing for your business.

Drown out the noises and you will see a better change.

I know it’s hard but you should do it for your business and mental health.

Nigeria is hard enough.

Don’t allow one mofo to add more to your problems.

To your success,

Dolapo Hamzat.

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