Why haven’t you been making money online?



It’s one thing to have the zeal to make money…
It’s another thing to put in that effort to make money.
And you see the latter (the second one) is what a lot of people don’t do.
Nevertheless, it’s all fine.

After all, Jesus said, “The poor you will ALWAYS have with you.”

It’s right there in Scripture. John chapter 12 vs 8.
So you shouldn’t blame them because it’s all fine.
But I know you are here mainly because you have the zeal to become very rich.
Yeah yeah.
You can’t be reading my newsletter every day and decide not to be rich.
That’s not possible.
Because at some point… I will motivate you well enough.
And at another point, I will give you the blueprint to achieve what you are looking for to make you rich.
But you really need to know that…
Nobody can make your dream come true except you.
Come to think of it.
If you want to eat shawarma and you are badly craving it.
Infact, you have been dreaming about shawarma for a while. 
If you don’t send someone to buy it for you, you won’t be able to eat the shawarma. 
If you don’t tell your friend to buy it for you, you won’t be able to eat the shawarma. 
And even if you want to use fine girl benefit, you need to at least tell the guy that you want shawarma before he gets it for you.

And if you notice one common thing above, it’s that you took action to make your dream come true.

You want to eat shawarma? You must speak out or else…
Your dream will always be a dream.
So why exactly don’t you treat your life dream just like this?
Is it because you have stipends coming in from somewhere?
Or because you can always use fine girl benefits?
Or because you are part of the people Jesus refer to as the poor?
Or what exactly is the problem?
And like you know…
Every Sunday is a life hack or reality check.
And this falls into the reality check line.
So I want you to check yourself. 

Why haven’t you been making money?

Is it because you don’t have the knowledge or because you aren’t implementing the knowledge?
And mind you, this is also a reality check for me.
Been slacking these days and I need to hammer that into my head.
And it won’t be bad if you do the same.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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