Why do women dread the thought of getting old?​



Why is it so difficult to get a lady to reveal her real age?​
As a man, I still don’t get why ladies do that stuff.​
​Can you give reasons for this phobia?​
​My ears are wide open, kindly speak up, please.​
​Seriously though, this issue gives me great concern.​
And, here is why:
January some years ago…​
I was walking down the South area of the Polytechnic Ibadan..
​…And my eyes fell on one special babe.​
​This black, busty shawty with phat ass stole and held my attention like a gigantic magnet.​
​So I followed her.​
​As fate would have it, we were heading to the same destination.​
A restaurant called Bibire in Sango..​
​”One of the best spots to get great dishes in Poly Ibadan then”.​
​We sat at the same table and got to know ourselves better, as we swallowed some real food.​
​The more she talked, the more I liked her.​
The truth was I didn’t listen to half the stuff she said.​
​And that’s because my attention was focused on her soft, tempting lips.​
I was kissing her non-stop with my eyes.​
A few months later, we started dating proper.
​And finally, I got the chance to kiss her, tongue to tongue.​
It was as sweet as I imagined it would be.​
​When we first started dating, she told me she was 19yrs old.​
​But she sounded too experienced and deep for her age.​
However, with a physique like Ini Edo’s, whatever her real age was didn’t mean a thing to me.​
She was tight and sweet in the middle, that was all that mattered to this Yoruba boy.​
​Things were going strong; we were riding high.​
​I was happy.​
​She was happier.​

Then, suddenly, our Titanic sank.

​It didn’t make any sense.​
​I will explain everything.​
After six months of an intense loveship with this magical woman… one awesome day, my eyes fell on a strange thing.​

​What was strange?​


Her BVN printout she wants to use in the bank…​
​It wasn’t the BVN printout that was strange per se.​
It was the “age” that was written on it that was strange.​

​Can you guess how old my girlfriend was?​


Well, you will soon find out.​
​But ​First. ​
​Talk to me .​
​How old are you?​
Age is just a number.​
​”Does your life’s achievement match your age?”​
​Do you sometimes feel like an underachiever?​
​Do you feel unsatisfied?​
In the past, I have dealt with similar emotion (I am still young btw)
​And I tried so many ways to lift myself from those dark emotions but nothing really worked.​
​The only solution that worked was ” more success”.​
​An elevation in my “financial status”.​
​That was the only medicine that worked for me.​
This dark emotion come about due to a disconnect between your highest aspiration and your daily experiences.​
​What you need is a special machine.​
A machine that will convert your highest aspiration into your daily experiences.​
​Something like my Information Product System can be your machine.​
​But hey, I am not here to promote my program.​
​I only mentioned it here because I love seeing people win.​
My point is you need a machine that turns dreams into reality.​
​Do you have one yet?​
​Anyway, let’s rewind.​
​Can you guess how old my girlfriend was?​

​She was 27 years old at the time.​


But she told me she was only 19 years old.
​She couldn’t deal with the fact that I now knew her real age.​
​I was 8 years younger.​
​But as far as I was concerned, her age wasn’t a problem.​
​She was extremely kind to me.​
​She had the mind of a winner.​
​She was the definition of sexy.​
​And very importantly, she was tight and sweet in the middle.​
​Knowing her real age was the Achilles heels of our loveship.
​She broke up, walked out and I never saw her again.​
​So I ask again.​

​Why do women dread the thought of getting old?​


Why is it so difficult to get a lady to reveal her real age?​
Are you a bold lady that can give reasons for this phobia?​
​My ears are wide open, kindly speak up.​
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.
I know you are thinking that is there any sales or marketing lesson here…
There’s and I will show you right now..
When selling to your prospects, DO NOT LIE.
My relationship with her ended because she lied and she couldn’t live with the lies…
You might have also lied concerning the efficiency of your products and services but can you fulfill it??
Resist the urge to lie and make extraordinary promises..
You are not a con man but I hope you get the lesson??
This email is the brain work of Dolapo Hamzat.​
Dolapo Hamzat is the creator of the Information Product System.​
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