Why did she block me?



There I was, standing and looking like a fool.
I had just a single question in my head and I kept asking myself repeatedly.
Why did she block me?
What did I do?
At least, we still talked a day before but she blocked me early in the morning
I thought hard about my wrongdoings and I didn’t see anything spectacular. 
In fact, I was supposed to block her because she did me wrong but then.
She did it first.
And you know how painful it can be when someone blocked you.
I don’t know about you.
But I and the person can never be good friends again.
It’s not like it’s a laid down rule.
I just think in as much as you block me once because we have a little argument, then you can keep blocking me.
Which I don’t want.
So if you block me and later unblock me…
No matter how close we are, we will just turn to hi hi friends.
But that wasn’t the case with Tofunmi.
Yeah, that’s her name.
She was my crush when I was in SS1 in police secondary school, Minna.
This girl is so fine and yeah, too busty for her age then (14 years old) which attracted me more to her. 
And more so, She’s Yoruba and I felt she will understand me more in the world of Hausas (don’t blame me)
She was in C class and I was in A class (in the first term) and they are both science classes.
I always peep at her and see how she smiles and all.
I always get jealous low key when she talks to guys.
But the courage to approach her is something I can’t find.
And I was still hoping something will bring us together.
Even though she wasn’t doing well in her class because at the end of the term…
She was in the 47th position out of 50 in class.
And God so good, she left science class in the second term and went to Art class
So she started doing well in her academics which made me glad.
And after the midterm, something happened that made us very close.
In fact, we became good friends that anybody that wants to ask her out has to go through me.
But one annoying thing was that…
I turned from a crush into a friendzone.
It was really frustrating!
But one thing stood out.
It was my fault.
Totally was my fault.
You see, when I approached her to talk to her.
I only came across as someone that only want to be friends.
Which is fine because I don’t want to look desperate.
But when we started getting close, I was supposed to reject the friend zone.
In fact, I asked her and she said she’s single.
So why exactly didn’t I ask her out?


I was afraid she will stop being my friend if I ask her out.
And as a sharp (dull instead) guy, I don’t want to lose on both ends.
And who knows how many times you have also chickened out of doing something because you are afraid?
Who also knows how many times you have made the wrong decision because you are afraid?
This life works with fear which is a very good emotion to pull in persuasion.
Or why do you think people always rush to buy something just hours before the time-lapse?
It’s fear of missing out.
And if used well, it can turn your sales around.
But there’s a clause though.
Misusing it will get your reader numb and they won’t be able to take action.
Let’s assume you sell diabetes supplements. 
And your readers fear is death and having their leg amputated, etc.
These are the natural fears to hammer on
But don’t forget this is also what’s making them sad and depressed.
So by the time you mention it, you are opening up their wounds.
And the only way you can get them to respond without going numb or hating you is…
Talking a little about their fear and then giving them hope with whatever you sell.
You see, people do this mistake a lot and in the end.
They will start thinking of what they did wrong that’s not making their copy convert.
We know everybody wants to get out of their pain points and fears
But as humans, they still have cautions.
If you rub too much salt on their wound (fears), they will become so numb and sad.
And a sad person doesn’t buy shit.
So needless to say, you messed up the sales process
You get?
And that’s the bad side of fear.
The good and opposite side is letting your fear fuel you into taking action for a better life.
Here’s what I mean:
Tofunmi later told me then (when I had the courage to ask her out after like 6 months)
She said she knows I like her and she also likes me too.
But I didn’t talk and with that…
I came late which was why she blocked me because she knows things won’t go the right way between us again.
And assuming I had kept aside my fear and asked her out.
We might not be together right now but at least.
I would have dated one of the finest babes in my SS1 set.
It’s a rationale thing which is fine and understandable 
You can’t see something dangerously huuuuuj and decide not to be afraid.
You will be afraid unless you are a psychopath. 
But it’s still a nice behaviour to do these things scared.
Do it afraid.
Let your fear fuel you.
You have a course you want to buy with your last card but afraid it will turn out a scam?
Buy it anyway and this will teach you new ways to avoid scams.
You want to start a business but you are afraid it will fail?
Do it anyway because not doing it means you miss 100%
You want to ask a lady or a guy out but scared of rejection?
Do it anyway because your case can be that of I and Tofunmi
You want to pitch a very high profiled person but you are scared he will shun you?
Do it anyway, don’t forget he might need what you do and he will take you up.
You want to get the layman guide but you are scared you will be very broke after getting it from your pocket?
Do it anyway because if you don’t, you will still spend that money on intangible things.
And here’s the link to get it: Layman Guide.
And many more.
The main gist is to do it anyway.
Just do it and throw cautions to the wind.
You are not 50 yet, and for you not to regret anything like me.
Just do it.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.
I am thinking of taking an almost free class very soon.
And this is because a lot of people came into my DM to ask for these classes.
Even though I haven’t agreed to doing it yet, but let’s assume I have agreed.
What do you want me to teach in the class?
  • Email marketing?
  • Client acquisition?
  • Copywriting?
  • Information marketing?
  • Or what exactly?
Just ask and you might be in luck.

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