What was she expecting?



At this stage of our life…

We should know anytime we do something, there’s always a consequence.

So I am always surprised when people feign ignorance for whatsoever consequence they see.
Or how can you explain someone that had unprotected sex, she got pregnant and she was crying. 
What was she expecting?
Or how would you explain a student that took his school fees to play bet9ja, but he lost it all.
And he was now crying.
What was he expecting?
Same as a business owner that decided not to advertise but she’s crying there are no sales?

What was she expecting?

It’s all about the law of cause and effect.
Anything you do definitely has a consequence. 
And it works in good ways too though.
If you dissect sales letters every day for 6 months, you will become really really good.
At least, I can relate.
And that’s why anytime someone asks me how I got so good…
I will just smile and refer them back to my hustle.
It’s as simple as ABC.
Meanwhile, today’s lesson is supposed to be kept aside till Sunday.
And that’s exactly what I will do because it’s a life hack.
So I will just delve into something spectacular today.
You see, I always tell people something very important. 
It’s simple actually. 
And it’s common sense.

But common sense is not common in sales and marketing. 

Because you see, word of mouth marketing trumps everything honestly.
And that’s why you need to do a good job every damn time.
No matter what you sell, make sure it delivers on its promises.
And if you offer services too, make sure you deliver good jobs to your clients.
Wow your clients and customers till they can’t stop talking about you.

And as you know, I write for Tamilore and from the works I have done for him alone

People have been coming to my DM to ask about my services. 
Some can afford me which I gladly worked for them.
Some can’t afford me which I gladly refer them to others.
But the bottom line is…
I did a damn good for him to the extent he is referring me to others.
And even people that see the sales pages are coming to learn from me.
It’s that simple honestly.
And that’s why I always tell people to get very good first before running after clients.
Get good first.
Get very good first.
Know your onions first.
And you will definitely eat your suya 
This month alone, I haven’t run after any client at all.
They are all coming to my DM mainly from works I have done in the past.
And with that, they need no convincing. 
Which has kept me busy throughout the month (I am not telling you how much I have made but it’s a very strong 6 figure)
And trust me, I am not saying you should not put yourself out there.
Put yourself out there for the world to see.

But don’t forget, putting yourself out there without being good will lead to disgrace earlier than you thought.

So hone your skill while putting yourself out there.
I still dissect sales letters daily and just 2 days ago…
I started handwriting winning sales letters daily too.
I work in the background and that’s why my foundation is crazily solid 
That being said,
Have a nice Wednesday. 
Dolapo Hamzat.

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