Welcome but there’s no more vacancy.



I really can’t remember how I felt that day. 
But I could remember vividly that I felt a sharp pain in my chest.
I felt as if a dagger was put into my chest immediately after I heard that statement. 
I couldn’t cry neither could I shout.
I just stood there motionless 
Not until someone shouted at me to leave where I was.
And that was when I realized the deep shit I put myself into.

You see this statement, “Gbogbo wa la ma Je breakfast…”
(Meaning everybody will eat breakfast)

It’s a crazy statement and I can attest to it that over 90% of youths these days have eaten their breakfast.
And that day was when I was fed mine.
I ate it to stupor, .

Or how could you explain your girlfriend calling you just out of the blues that she’s no more interested?

You guys didn’t fight neither did you argue. 
And funny enough, she had no excuse.
Just said she was tired of the relationship. 
And I begged.
Damn, I really begged so much that I felt my pride and self-respect being dragged on the floor.
But I didn’t mind then.
Was just begging her here and there and even begging my guys to help me beg her.
But it was all futile and I had to lock up.
Not until she came back to tell me the breakup was a mistake.
She was scared I was going to school then and she felt I would cheat on her yada yada. 
I was like, you are not well sister.

Welcome but there’s no more vacancy.

I was still very much single then but one thing I don’t do is give a second chance in this type of case.
It’s obvious there’s a reason she broke up with me yeah?
She confessed the reason but I won’t be telling you here.
Which is exactly why I tell business owners to make a good first impression on their customers.

People rarely give a second chance when it comes to buying things.

If you sell them shit once, they won’t ever buy from you again.
Some will go as far as telling their friends and families to avoid you and your collection. 
It’s not their fault.
It’s yours because you left a bad first impression on them.
And leaving a good first impression on your customer isn’t that hard.
It’s just for you to be on your best behaviour.
Make sure you are not desperate.
Don’t sell shit at all.
Make sure whatever you sell deliver on their promises.
Make sure you also check up on them after buying from you (through emails or WhatsApp or SMS)
And you will see them come back again and again to buy.
Meanwhile, if you are writing a copy and you really wanna leave a good first impression on whosoever is reading your copy.

The work is in your lead.

If your lead smells, people will leave without turning back.
Your lead should tell them what they will gain by reading this long write-up 
Or else, they will leave.
But unfortunately, I am not here to talk to copywriters today.
I am here to talk to business owners.
And I delivered the message already.
So I think I can go back to rounding up this copy I am writing.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat. 
I know your body is itching to hear my heartbreak story completely.
But one thing I don’t do is badmouth anybody even if they stabbed me with a dagger.
She did what she did for herself.
And I did what I did for myself. 
I hope she’s happy wherever she is.
Just like I am happy where I am.
So, don’t expect any full details.
Go and work, today is Monday.

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