We are not your agemate



Yesterday, I had someone send me a cool message making a complaint.
I saw the complaints and I would have taken it very seriously. 
Infact, I might have thought to follow whatever she said because I like feedback.
But you see, one problem with Nigerians is forming all holy and maybe woke.
This lady or guy (I don’t care) replied to my email yesterday. 
And in her words, she said:

Your message was making sense till you use the F word. That’s being rude to a guest you have never seen before.

And when I saw the message, I had to go through my mail again and see if I mentioned fuck you.
But I didn’t see anything like that.
The only thing I saw was me telling her to fucking make her life better.
And yeah, I understand her especially when you consider she’s a small kid that still whines over the F word.
See, I believe you should be able to decipher things if you are reading my emails.
And I believe I have no kids here.
Moreso, no matter what you have been told at home about the F word.
It’s not a curse word unless it’s used to curse you.
Fuck is Fuck.
And I think the majority of people use it when they want to hammer well on something including me.
But when you still sulk and cry over little things like that…
Then, you need to be where kids your age are…
Because right here, we are not your mates.
Even though I still feel like dragging her well enough, I won’t.
I am a good man that doesn’t like making kids cry.
I will only find a way to cast her into the community where her age mates are.
And if by chance, you also ignore the lessons in yesterday’s email.
But you saw the F word and it got you angry but you don’t want to reply.
Just unsubscribe from my email. It’s a free and unpaid thing.
Unsubscribe because your mental health is very important. 
You will see an email list where your email sender is also a kid that will rub your head.
But right here on this list…
We are not your agemate.
Meanwhile, I never intended to start a Monday with vawulence. 
Infact, I intended to teach you something new and different. 
But when I remembered this message and that if I don’t address it…
Another dumb human will reply to my email and tell me I am not making sense.
So I just had to address it and get onto the next thing. 
And if you are a newbie copywriter and don’t know where to start your copywriting game from…
Maybe you don’t know how to start your sales letter or you are so confused about whatever to do.
And you have heard it times without number to swipe great sales letter.
Well, I am here to tell you that’s one of the biggest scams of the century.
You see, I did this thing called swiping sales letter.
I think that was December last year.
I wanted to write a sales letter for a course I created called Business Bundle.
I was blank on what to write and how to write it.
So along the line of finding a sales letter that has sold the kinda thing I want to sell…
I came across one of the numerous sales letters of Andy Mukolo. 
This sales letter is selling something I can’t remember. 
And when I read through it, I felt my problem was solved.
Because that sales letter looks exactly like what I would love for my course.
The only thing I would change there is the name and the course content.
The rest is perfect. 
And I did just that.
Put up the sales letter and promoted it.
And under 1 day, I made some crazy-ass sales.
I was feeling all smart until the second day when 3 to 5 people entered my DM.
This looks like Andy Mukolo copy or are you his student?
That is the question they were all asking me.
I denied it and I kept making sales.
But deep down, I knew what I did.
I knew it was all a scam.
So when I got to Golibe and he asked for a sample of my copy.
I gave him that letter and he said…
This is Andy Mukolo so so copy (he mentioned the course)
He said this smell and move so much like Andy and that people already know.
, I died.
And he gave me some nice advice that day.
He said as a newbie copywriter…
It’s a nice move to swipe copy.
You can’t get it all right from the beginning.
But swiping should have an ending. 
This swiping is what some people do throughout their online marketing lifetime.
I have seen 4 to 5 of such people that have been swiping since 2020 up till now.
Swiping looks easy but you are destroying your copywriting and copy thinking ability. 
You are giving yourself the easy way out of the struggle.
And the easy way is a nice road to failure. 
Infact, I tell my mentees and students not to ever swipe.
Don’t do it.
I prefer them writing nonsense to me every time rather than swipe a copy for me.
It’s not healthy. 
But you don’t have to listen to me.
Keep swiping and you go soon learn.
I think the lesson here is glaring?
Have a nice week ahead,
Dolapo Hamzat.
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