This thing has caused me more harm than good.



One thing about me is always baffling me.
Infact, to my best knowledge. 

This thing has caused me more harm than good.

Yes, I am that good with procrastinating stuff.
I prefer to do something one day to the deadline even if I have 3 weeks.
Because my brain will always give me a signal of…
There is still time, Dolapo.
And this is very wrong.
This has put me on a pedestal time without number.
This almost made a client beat me some weeks back.
But one thing I make sure I do is to deliver my work right on time.
How do I do it?
I won’t tell you.
But here’s one thing I always put in mind.
I know I procrastinate a lot and definitely…
There will be millions of people that procrastinate like me.
You might be one of them or not.

And people who procrastinate tend to forget purchases sometimes. 

Wait, not even sometimes…
It’s virtually every time.
So I always put this in mind whenever I write my copy.
And I always make it damn easy for them to purchase what I am selling.

Not only making it easy, but I also make sure I hook them with my urgency without sounding desperate.

And this makes them purchase almost immediately without procrastinating.
You see, urgency and scarcity don’t have to deal with the date of elapsement or even discounted price…
Nah Nah.
It can be as simple as:

“I am not increasing the price of this course anytime soon.
At least, that’s what I have in my head presently.
But what I can’t guarantee is what will be going on in my head in the next 30 mins.
Because With all these values I am giving for N20,000…
I might decide to increase the price tomorrow or anytime I so wish.
At least, I own the full legal right to increase my price.
And you own the legal right to buy when I increase the price.
But if I am asked, I think now is the best time to buy because coming back to see a price increment can be so painful.
But it’s your choice.
And if your choice is to buy now and not wait till it increases…
Click on the button below to get the XXXX guide bla bla.”

You can see that subtle urgency?
I am not forcing you to buy now…
But I am warning you of the impending danger of not buying now.
And as simple as it is…
It has brought me and my clients’ money and I mean millions of Naira.
And as you can see, there’s no hype in the urgency.
Just plain conversation with my target audience.
Daz all.
Dolapo Hamzat. 

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