They will injure you!



No matter how gentle and cool-headed you are…
If you live in Nigeria…
You will be asked some questions that will make you feel like breaking bottles on some people’s heads.

And honestly, I keep my cool a lot and you know.

But I almost lost it yesterday.
I almost stabbed someone a bottle.
As if that wasn’t enough, I almost gave up on school too.
But that’s a story for another day.
Because my rage is still boiling and if I keep talking about it.
I can bring down a whole mountain. 
And yeah, that’s an exaggeration (hyperbole)
You did figures of speech in secondary school now.
Do you remember now?
So why do you think people use hyperbole more and more without them thinking of the consequences?
Or best put…

Why do people hype and exaggerate a lot without them thinking of the damn consequences?

If you remember sometimes back…
I told you something about the law of cause and effect.
But if you can’t remember…
Go here to read about it. 
(But don’t forget, reading about it should come right after you are done reading this particular letter)
And sincerely…
I believe if you have the right product and then the right sense of reasoning.
You should never hype anything whatsoever.

Why should you hype when you can subtly persuade someone to do whatever you want?

Or why do you think a lot of relationships these days are just for the glam?
They snap pictures and enjoy together when there’s mula.
But when a client stops paying like this…
Relationships scatter and it turns to yam pepper scatter scatter (this hit best if you are a Yoruba)
But that’s not the point.
The point is…
  • What foundation did they lay down for the relationship?
  • Is it a foundation built on showing off?
  • Or a foundation built on money and money flaunting?
You see, it brings us back to the law of cause and effect.
You flaunted money when you were asking me out.
We started the relationship and I helped you to enjoy your money and other sweet in the middle thingy.
And when money finished, I flew off like a bird.

What were you expecting me to do?

Wait and suffer with you?
Nah Nah.
You already showed me that you can take care of me from the beginning. 
And according to Lady Donli, all I want is cash!!!
Now imagine doing that kind of shit in your marketing campaign.
You are calling doom and doom on your business.
  • And this starts with refunds…
  • People badmouthing you
  • People cursing you
And worst of all, you run out of business.
But it doesn’t even have to be like that.
You can avoid this easily by not hyping anything. 

Don’t push nonsense dopamine into people’s heads when you know your product won’t deliver this thing.

Or what’s the use of telling me I can make money in copywriting in just one month of learning…
When all you do is create offers on WhatsApp without getting clients?
Come off it abeg.
Just make it easy for yourself by not overpromising.
Don’t hype at all.
If they need to work and work like a dog before this shit works…
Let them know (in a sexy way though)
And if they need a certain amount of money to get started…
Let them know too.
It’s really important in this world that we are living right now.

Let people know all the clauses involved in whatsoever you sell.

And yeah, it might slow down your sales (only if you don’t know what to write though)
But it’s better than refunds and your business folding up.
Once again.
Stop listening to people that tell you to hype your stuff.
They will injure you and your business in the long run.
Just don’t hype.
Don’t do it.
It doesn’t worth it.
But a word, they say is enough for the wise.
And I know you are wise.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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