These people are fucked up beyond repair



Today is the last day of July.
And what you will start seeing here and there now is…
“Today is the 31st of July, what did you achieve this month?”
And this in itself is a good question to at least keep you accountable.
But the intention these people use to ask this question is always annoying.
Some are asking that question to put you on a pedestal.
Some are asking that question to bruise your ego and make you feel very bad about your achievement. 
Which in all honesty is not supposed to be so.
See, we all have different races.
And that’s why in wizkid song title Grace…
He said something about this race of a thing and that made me really like the song.
Many are out there to make you and I feel bad because we haven’t achieved anything. 
But don’t forget, this should not get to you because they also started somewhere. 
The only thing that should make you feel bad is when you are not taking action.
You are not doing anything whatsoever to move from the position you are into another position. 
It takes time but gradually, we will get there.
So if by chance you see that question flying through your TL today…
Don’t ignore the question, what you should do instead is simple.
Take a flashback and check your growth.
In as much as you are reading my newsletter, you must have grown.
And don’t forget growth is not limited to money (even though it’s part)
Growth is also about what you know (knowledge)
Changing your bad habits too is growth.
And growth is you doing a little better than how you were the last time you checked.
And if you notice for the past 3 days now, I have been sharing life hacks to you consistently and why’s that?
Well, it’s simply because I observed something with a lot of people learning high-income skills.
These people are fucked up beyond repair.
And when I say fucked up, I don’t mean by the high-income skill.
All they do is chase the bag massively.
  • The good habits?
  • Humanitarian habits?
  • The lifestyle?
All will be forgotten while running after money like crazy.
Money is good abeg.
Even with the little, I am making, I know how much my life has changed.
But money isn’t everything even though you need to make money to know that fact.
And I don’t want us to get to that stage and start realizing how fucked up we are.
I want us to start retracing our steps now and start doing little things that matter.
And one of them is gratitude. 
You see, you don’t have to be religious before you exalt gratitude.
I exalt gratitude every day of my life.
  • I am always grateful for people I meet
  • I am always grateful for the opportunity sent my way
  • I am always grateful for being alive
  • I am grateful I am doing fine
  • I am grateful for everything. 

And you see this simple act goes far beyond what you think it is.

It purifies your heart and makes you stay clean and clean every time.
So that’s why anytime I see the usual end of the month mantra I mentioned above…
I just say my gratitude and move on.
No be me una go oppress.
And no be me una go allow dey feel bad.
Simple as that.
So I put it to you today, you are doing fine and the only reason you aren’t noticing is that…
You aren’t grateful for your little blessings.
You are measuring everything with money.
Which I think you should stop.
But as usual, it’s just a suggestion and not a do or die.
Totally depends on you . 
What you do with this information also depends on you.
And with that, I will be zooming off for the day.
Enjoy your weekend, 
Dolapo Hamzat. 
I am going to do something today.
If I don’t fuck it up, I will tell you.
If I also fuck it up, I will let you know.
Nevertheless, I will do it regardless.
And that being said.
The payment for the writing class for business owners will commence tomorrow. 
Sit tight and wait for further instructions.

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