The Game Is Persuasion, Baby!!!



When I started this copywriting thingy…
I had one behaviour which you can say it’s bad.
But deep down inside me, I know it’s good behaviour and it has really helped me.
And what I always do is really simple.
I sit my ass down and study people around me…
Not online or forum or anything. 
Physical people (even though I rarely go out)
I study these people. 
How they talk
How they lie
How they behave around the opposite gender
How they make buying decisions 


And doing this made me understand a whole lot of things about human psychology. 
You know, this copywriting thingy isn’t about just writing.
It’s never about the writing.
It’s about what you are writing down.
And so when a lady came into my DM yesterday and was like…
“Dolapo, since the day you said you always pick marketing and content ideas from everything. 
I have also been serious with movies and others.
I now watch movies and also analyse them while watching. 
But it’s really hard.
How exactly were you able to become such an idea antenna?”
But hol’up 
Let’s go back to the beginning.
You need to know that it will be very hard for you to pick out marketing ideas in anything if you aren’t studying human psychology. 
What I mean in essence is…
If you can’t sit down to study how people around you behave…
You should read psychology books.
Read books that teach you how to deal with humans.
Books like “How to Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie”
If you read this book, you will see a pattern in humans behaviours.
You will be able to subtly relate anything they do to something you have read before.
And through this process…
Ideas will start coming to you.
You will be able to think about what to say about this particular behaviour and how to relate it to marketing. 
It will come to you. 
And why’s that?
Garbage in, garbage out.
You already took in something that serves as your foundation. 
So it will be far easier to start spitting out things that will easily build your house.
Simple as ABC.
So if you have been trying to come up with marketing ideas using what you see…
And you find it difficult to do…
Then you need to work on your foundation. 
My own foundation was a hybrid.
I read crazy persuasion books that gave me insight into humans.
And I also studied people around me so well.
And this gave me an edge over virtually everybody we started copywriting together.
Because the game is persuasion baby.
And with these few points of mine, I think I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you that…
The Game Is Persuasion, Baby!!!
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat

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