Strippers? How is that possible?



Hey ,
At the end of this mail, you should be able to go from one sale per day to 10 sales per day..
It’s a big secret that’s part of what I will be teaching in my Email Marketing Detective..
But before that..
Let me tell you something that kind of influenced this email…
I subscribed to a guy’s mailing list..
He’s not a Nigerian and this is actually part of a research I am doing..
I am not naughty or bad please.. 
So the topic he introduced me to that made me subscribed was..


(Don’t mind me, I do crazy research about ladies because they are the elements of persuasion)
But to my utmost surprise… I saw another thing entirely…
Okay this is it..
He carve out something big and new out of the whole dating and sex niche..
Out of the whole pickup artist niche where they teach you how to ask ladies out..
Tame her to bed (when it’s not a sacrificial lamb)..
Also discard her and yada yada..
But he didn’t go fully in their way..
He carved out a whole subniche for himself and guess what?
He’s selling like Crazy.
So which subniche did he carve out for himself?
I will get to that soon but before that..
Are you getting to understand that carving out a subniche from a saturated niche is a must for you?
Complaining about low sales when you are not doing anything different is utterly useless..
Complaining of huge competitions in your niche when you are not trying to stand out is rubbish..
Complaining of everybody getting your customers when all you do is copy your competitors is nonsense too..
So how do you stand out of the market?
Carve out a subniche for yourself..
Damnit, I said it already ..
But there’s one more thing you need to put in your mind…
Carving out a subniche doesn’t necessarily means separating yourself from the whole pack..
You are still selling what they are selling but in another dimension..
More so, carving out a niche can be as simple as changing your target market..
Do you get that?
Let me give one or two examples..
If you are in the fashion niche…
Instead of selling clothes for every dick and Harry..
You can change your target audience to office workers only..
Female between ages 30 to 45…
That’s a subniche created by you..
You are not fighting with the whole pack that’s facing students, workers, old people, etc..
Dominate that subniche and you will sell like crazy..
Another one is..
Let’s say you sell skin care routines..
Instead of selling to all females in all levels (some even go as far as selling to males)…
Focus on a specific point in your market..
Like the older women from age 40 upwards that has started having wrinkles..
Those people doesn’t want to get old..
They want something that will radiate their younger self beauty..
Give it to them..
Dominate the subniche created by you and make money…
Do you get all that?
One more thing before I go…
It’s always tempting to want to sell to more people..
Because obviously…
There are more people with your cash in hand..
But don’t forget, that will put you in the same pack as others..
Juggling and shouting to make one sale per day..
And this little secret here will move your sales from just one piece daily to 10 pieces daily..
All because you will be in demand..
And now, it’s up to you to implement or not..
That’s all on you..
I have done what God told me to do..
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.
You see..
I just started preparing the slides for Email Marketing Detective..
And believe me..
This course is blowing my mind myself..
I am gonna change the email marketing narrative with this course.. 
And anytime it’s out,  trust me to advertise it like crazy..
And unfortunately,  you will not be in the cohort yet..
You won’t get it for just 10k yet..
You will get it then by 25k..
And that’s how we keep rising..
So it’s all on you to get in now..
Or get out…
And from today’s mail, you can see I will be revealing huge secrets in the course..
So it’s all on you baby..
If you are still interested to preorder it now..
Go here: Email Marketing Detective 
Which subniche do you think the guy found for himself?
Boring as usual.. Smh for you.
He faced the strippers subniche out of the whole dating and sex niche..
He teaches how to find strippers..
How to make them do what their employers always forbid them to do (have secx with a client)…
How to get their real name..
How to make them keep begging you for more and more..
And this guy is making disturbing sum of money..
I don move sha.

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