Stop being a crook marketer.



“Humans are insatiable…”
Heard that statement before?
And if yes, congrats. 
But if no, do a little bit of research here and there and you will understand. 
And that leads me to what we are discussing today.
You see, anytime I see something new or have a discussion. 
All I ever think of is…

What’s the marketing message in this?

Which in all entirety is wrong.
Fine, it’s a good thing because you will have plenty of ideas to write from.
And as we are creatives that should never run out of ideas because we use our brains so much.
Anything we see should be an idea.

But it makes life very boring.

Like really boring.
And a boring life leads to big depression.
But don’t get me wrong…
I am still in these shackles.
Infact, just yesterday when I listened to Essence Remix by Wizkid, Tems ft Justin Bieber…

All I could pick was a marketing message which goes thus:

If you have listened to the original essence by Tems and Wizkid…
And you now listened to the remix ft Justin Bieber.
You will observe something. 

And that is the uniformity and conformity of the two songs.

You know, in the music industry…
Anytime a remix is released, the featured artist will come with his style and freestyle. 
More like Mayorkun in songs.
But Justin Bieber did another thing entirely… 
He blended his tone and style into the songs.
And this is because this particular song (essence) is already a bestseller.

So why change anything in a bestseller?

Just like I always ask people…
Why exactly would you tweak a marketing campaign that’s performing well?
You wanna test?
Create another campaign entirely and don’t touch the present one…
It’s just like shooting yourself in the leg.
You should never touch anything that’s working perfectly. 
Or if your phone has no-fault, you still go ahead and loose it to repair?

Let it be and stop being a crook marketer.

Assuming Justin Bieber changed the sensation and style of the song, it might be a huge flop.
Just like one album that I am not ready to mention.
But you get the point yeah?
Don’t touch what is working perfectly. 
If you want to test, create a new marketing campaign and start tweaking that.
Don’t touch even the headline talk more the offer.

I hope you easily understand this.

And this brings me back to what I was saying.
I only listened to a song once and I analysed a marketing message out of it.
It’s a nice and good thing because I am now an idea antenna.
But think about how boring my life is?
I can’t talk to someone without finding a marketing idea in our discussion. 
It’s that crazy.

But then, I still choose this boring life over what’s out there.

And that’s on periodt.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat. 

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