Sadly, I lost my last 1k…



I remember when all I had left was N1k.​
​And sadly, I lost it.​
​I just came to Ilorin from Osogbo in the midst of lockdown…​
​This was some months ago.​

​A hungry smartphone Graphics designer with no stable income.​

​I didn’t have money for adverts.​
​So I went around pasting WhatsApp Bc in all groups i belonged to 
“Design Your Flyers for N500”.​
“Design your logo for N1,000”
​I was cheap.​
​It wasn’t my fault.​
The competition was fierce.​
​My only selling point was my low price.​
​Yet, jobs barely came by.​
People prefer to pay those that charge high because they think they are doing quality jobs.
​So on this occasion, all I had left was N1k.​
​That was my feeding money for the next two days.​
I am also waiting for a new customer to hire me so I can get paid another 1k…

​I had it with me when I came back from my “evening stroll” the night before

​I was sure of it.​
​It was in my back pocket.​
​How did it magically disappear?​
​I wondered.
After turning my tiny room upside down for the next two hours, I finally gave up.

​I had one friend but he’s not in Ilorin yet..
​I thought to call my dad.​

​But that wasn’t an option.​

And that’s because I left home after he said he can’t take care of me again.
And he has bragged to me that I will come running back to him when life shows me “pepper”.​
So my ego wouldn’t let me call him.​
​After fifteen minutes of my spiritual thinking and meditation, I got up with a plan.​
​There was this place close to my house where I ate every morning.​
​It is called Mama Rofiat Canteen (I gave it that name myself).​
​An Ijebu woman.​
​She doesn’t smile much.​
She’s always complaining of Buhari’s tenure and the economy.
Very very bitter woman..
​But Rofiat?​
​Rofiat had eyes like a pussy cat.​
​Voice, sweet like sugarcane.​
Phat ass like Ini Edo’s….

Rofiat fine die and you should know by now that I like fine ladies with phat ass!!!

If you don’t know, well…. Now you know.
The attraction was mutual.​
​I know when a girl likes me.​​
So I thought to myself, I would go to the canteen and explain my ordeal to Rofiat.​
​I dressed up and went armed with a plan.​
​I stood on the line where Rofiat was serving.​
I was talking to her and keep telling her to attend to others..​
Her Ijebu mother sat down and was watching her keenly..
Soon it got to my turn because there was nobody left again..​
​I smiled at her and wanted to start ordering (with zero naira in my pocket)

She smiled back and I saw a sparkle (I haven’t seen it since we started talking though)

When I saw that sparkle, I knew my plan would work.​
“Rofiat, I am suffering from an ulcer.​
​But I have no cash on me right now.​
​I will go to the bank when I get to the office (me wey no get work).​
​When I come here to eat tomorrow, I will pay you anything I owe.​
​So, please give me a plate of rice with two pieces of meat.”​
​I said.​
​All the while I was talking, Rofiat’s face had a smile.​
​When I was done talking, ​ she said with that lovely voice…​
​…”Oga Abeg, I dey respect you o, Please don’t make me insult you”.​
​And screamed angrily in Yoruba ” Ejoor Esun Seyin…. (ABEG SHIFT BACK)!!!”​
​Like a dog with its tails between its legs, I walked away, beaten emotionally.​
​That day, I started sending DMs to People on an empty stomach…… begging them to do designs…
​The next day it was the same thing.​
​No food.​
​That was when hunger forced me to call my friend (I hate calling people to ask for money).​
​And he sent me 2k.​
​Not too long after that, I had a few clients.​

​Life in those days was a painful bumpy ride.​

​I almost gave up.​
​Looking back now, I could see my mistakes.​
​They were many.​
​But the biggest of them was that I did not have an automated income stream.​
​Money doesn’t love struggle.​
​I didn’t know this earlier on.​
​Money is fluid.​
​Money flows.​
​Money loves ease.​
​That is exactly what The Information Product System is all about.​
​A set and forget income stream that baptizes your account with money every month non-stop…. 
In as much as you keep running traffic to it..​
You just create an Information Product and keep selling till you are tired.
​I am not here to pitch about the program but to ask you a question…

Is this how you plan to spend your 2021?

I will leave you to your thought
​​To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.


Any marketing lesson here today?

No… Dhurrrrr
But , i have one statement for you today..
Nobody has it right and smooth from the beginning….
The going is gonna get tough but trust me, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.
Don’t give up just yet..
If you have money, invest in paid courses and hasten your steps to financial freedom…
If you don’t have money, YouTube should be your home… you can learn anything there..
My point is (if i am making any point at all): 
Don’t sit and be expecting miracles..
Get something done and Never give up.


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.​

Rofiat had a beautiful smile but an Ijebu heart.​
​She deceived me.​
​That was the last time I went there to eat

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  1. Omo!!!! This is very very very enlightening. I don’t know what to say. Your story is veery relatable.

    Is the information marketing product still available? I want to buy. If its above my budget I’ll save. I must get it o

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