Or am I the only one thinking weird?



Have you ever sat down to think about this thing in my head for days now?
You haven’t?
Oh sorry, you don’t even know what I am thinking about.
Okay, here goes…

Who is controlling the crypto market?

Yeah yeah, I know…
I am not a crypto fan and here I am talking about crypto.
Yes and that’s because I found it amusing.
I read an article some days ago to satisfy my curiosity…
Because what I have been hearing for months is that…

The Crypto market is decentralized

No one can control the crypto market.
But why is it that anytime Elon musk talks, the market controls itself?
Or am I the only one thinking weird?
Anything decentralize means nobody is controlling it.
And this article broke down everything I need to know though.
But one takeaway from the article is…
People (the holders of crypto) controls the crypto market.
Not the government or any public body…
And that’s why it is called decentralize
I felt relieved a bit knowing that this is the same way your sales message is.
You are not the controller…
No government body is the controller…
And heck, your wishes and prayers can’t control it either.

The controllers are your target audience.

They are the ones that will determine if you will write a story lead…
Or if you will write a Prediction lead.
They are the ones to decide if you will tell a very long story or short story.
And they are also the ones to decide what your offer will look like…
Because if they don’t decide, that means you want to buy what you are selling by yourself…
And this simple analogy is what a lot of marketers, business owners and even copywriters don’t understand. 
You can’t decide for your target audience.
Nah Nah.
You work based on whatever they want.
If they want A, you give them A.
If they don’t want Z, never give them Z.
It’s as simple as ABC.
But people take it very harder.
And yeah, don’t get me wrong.

You as a copywriter will determine some things…

Things like how to push their emotional buttons…
How to sprinkle your testimonials throughout the sales letter…
But the majority sits with your target audience. 
They are the ones you are selling to.
They are the ones with problems and not you.
Listen to them.
And you will see a huge surge in your marketing campaign.
And how do you listen to them?
I said it some time ago…
The only difference between a highly converting copy and a low converting copy is…
The deeper your research, the better your copy.
Simple as ABC.
So you want to put more effort into your research.
Go to forums and listen to your target audience talk.
Go to Amazon and check their reviews.
Listen to them talking.
Spend hours and days to do this.
And your pocket and results will let you know you have done the right thing.
Have a nice day ahead, 
Dolapo Hamzat.

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