My father called me one day and said he disowned me due to reasons best known to him and maybe my mum.

It sounded very stupid to me but there I was with no job, no money, and nobody to help.

I am still a student for crying out loud.

And my forex trading isn’t bringing in any profit, instead, I was incurring losses like the market was all against me.

I always get an allowance every month and this makes me afford the basic lifestyle of a student. 

But now, I am not getting anything again.

Even to the point, I couldn’t afford electricity bills in my hostel.

My neighbors started gossiping and making jest of me.

And as someone that hasn’t been in this position before, it was very frustrating and embarrassing for me.

But now,

I wonder how my Father and my then neighbors will react when they find out that…

I now live in a 2 bedroom apartment in one of the most expensive student areas in Ilorin (this is where I school)

And that I now pay my school fees and even pay a monthly allowance to my mum and siblings.

It’s funny how I couldn’t afford N1000 for the electricity bill a year ago and I now buy fuel worth 30k monthly.

What changed?

I learned a high-income skill.

And I will tell you the process very soon, but firstly…

What are high-income skills?

High-income skills are skill sets that will earn you an income of $10,000 or more each month, or $120,000 or more a year.

And putting the figures in context as a Nigerian Naira using N500/$…

These high-income skills are skill sets that will earn you an income of N5M or more each month, or N60M or more a year.

But you need to know it’s not magic because you have to put in massive action.

Infact, you need to have a strong determination than the common man.

It’s not a Ponzi scheme of bringing so so amount and get this amount at a particular time.

Your earnings are totally dependent on how determined you are.

And another question that might be roaming in your head now is…

What are the high-income skills I can learn?

Well, there are more than 20 high-income skills but right here, I will be mentioning 6 to you, and they are:

  • Copywriting 
  • Web designing 
  • Graphics designing 
  • Sales closing
  • Information marketing 
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Etc.

And mind you, we have over 20 high-income skills that are in top demand by clients.

But I chose to narrow them down to just 6 because we don’t have all day here.

And I only learned just one of the high-income skills that made me a millionaire as a student.

And this is called Copywriting (I put it as the number one on the list for a reason)

It’s basically the mother of all skills just like teaching is regarded as the mother of all professions.

But what exactly is Copywriting and how can you learn it?

It’s simple.

Copywriting is writing words that sell.

And in simpler terms.

This is the act of taking up your phone and writing words that will compel people to take action… either to buy from you or to signup for something or anything in between.

Just like the way I wrote this short write-up you are reading right now.

But it doesn’t end there.

It’s very simple that even someone with half a brain will do it without hassles.

And this means. 

You don’t need any technical know-how or knowledge of the English language to succeed here.

Infact, the lower your use of English language rules, the better for you in copywriting. 

So how can you learn Copywriting?

It’s simple also because there are tons of free resources on YouTube and Google that you can leverage on.

So it’s not a big deal to learn as a beginner.

But there’s a clause, and I will tell you now.

Have you ever tried to learn your chemistry or Literature or Accounting on YouTube before?

How was it?

Were you able to get it deeply as your teacher would explain it?

And were you able to go back to the YouTube channel to ask questions when you are stuck?

No yeah?

I guess as much.

  • It’s not easy to learn on Youtube because you will need to ask questions here and there.
  • You will need guidance from someone that has done this before so you don’t make mistakes.
  • You will also need pointers here and there so you can make money with your high-income skill faster than others.

And that’s where I can help.

My name is Dolapo Hamzat.

I am a direct response marketer and copywriter that has generated over 50 million Naira in sales for myself and my clients.

And one of my clients is a very big Nigerian affiliate marketer called tamilore Adewuyi, and here’s what he had to say about me:

“ I love this work, you know your onions Dolapo. Wow, this copy is super punchy, you got my brand voice and I am certain this will be a blockbuster.”
Tamilore Adewuyi
One of the best Affiliate marketers in Africa.

And like I told you earlier, I started very rough which puts me at a disadvantage over others.

But I was able to write copies that have generated millions of Naira, which means no matter the position you are in right now…

You can also make money with copywriting.

And like I also said earlier, I can help you out because I dish out valuable content on copywriting on my email list and WhatsApp status.

And the best part is…

It’s totally FREE to join.

Yes, I know how daunting and frustrating it can be to learn copywriting alone without a guide.

And I also know how expensive it can be to get a good coach and guide or best put, a mentor.

I charge N75,000 for a 2-month mentorship with me.

And for an average Nigerian, this might be on the high side.

But it shouldn’t be that hard and that’s why my community is FREE.

This is a very valuable community that even people that joined can’t stop talking about.

An example is Nuru calling me one of the best copywriters in this space after staying in the community for just 3 days:

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Or should we talk about Victor that used a strategy I shared on September 8 and he couldn’t stop raving about it working very well?

And what about Wisdom that can’t stop reading my emails because of the value embedded there?

Or what do we say about Lucky Elohor (the popular funnel hacker) that wants to be my sugar mummy because of the value she’s getting from my community?

And many more others I can’t keep showing you here.


The bottom line is:


This community is valuable and it’s supposed to be a paid community (i might consider making it paid soon)


Jerry Fabian, another community member even said one of the emails I sent to the community is a paid class on its own.

And to join us is simple.

You will see a big green button below, just click on the button.

  • And a form will pop up telling you to enter your email address and first name.

I am getting them so you can be added to both my WhatsApp community and my email list at once.

  • And after submitting the name and email address, you will be automatically redirected to my WhatsApp DM.

Just tell me your name and save my contact as DOlapo Hamzat.

  • And also, go to your email inbox, you will see an email from me (Dolapo)

Open up the email and you will be asked to confirm your subscription that you truly want to receive daily emails from me.

  • After doing that, you will get a welcome email with various FREE goodies for you inside.

And that’s all.

So to get started…

Click on the button below now.

See you in the community,

Dolapo Hamzat.



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