Let’s play a game



Hey , 
How’s it going?
So before getting into the meat of the matter today..
Come with me sharply..
Let’s play a very fast and simple game…
You nod your head if you see anything that resonate with you at all..
Okay?? Good..
Here goes:
  • You are on my email list because you want to learn about sales and marketing
  • You are on my email list because I give value..
  • You are on my email list because you like my storytelling technique..
  • My email is never boring…
So did you nod your head to any of those?
If yes, why haven’t you sent me a review or testimony of what you have learnt so far?
You see… one thing I want you to put in mind is this…
Vendors, business owners, information marketers all thrive on testimonials..
Because in the world we are in now… People believe testimonials a lot..
It breaks down skepticism from your prospects..
And so tell me..
Why haven’t you sent me a very honest review of this newsletter?
Learning things?
Or it’s just a shabby piece of trash?
Or you are just using it to while away time?
Send me your honest review because it will be well appreciated..
And this brings me to one thing…

Why don’t you ask for review on your product?

At least, from what I have said so far.. 
You now know the usefulness of collecting reviews..
So why not get to it and take reviews too?
It helps a lot…
And maybe one of these days…
I will be showing you how to use your reviews or testimonials to gain more and more customers’ trust..
And till then..
Stay safe.
Send me a very honest review of this newsletter..
I want to use it.
Thank you!
I talked about a class yesterday on setting funnels..
Writing mails like me using storytelling..
And possibly building landing pages and website..
You remember?
I have decided to take up the class..
And by tomorrow,  I will be giving you the full and full details of how it will go..
Might be a class..
Might be a course on preorder…
Or anything in between..
Nevertheless, it’s not cheap because I will be revealing too many secrets…
So look out for it.

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