Konji is a bastard.



Sometimes, Konji is a bastard.

And what happened to me some years back made me realize that shit is a bastard.

But this is not the time for such discussion. 

Even though I know your body and ear are all hyper and restless to hear the story.

But come to think of it

Don’t you think being desperate pushes a lot of guys far away from nailing the girl they have always wanted?

And I said this because I saw a very relatable video yesterday. 

It’s a video showing how ladies act when invited to a date by a good man

And speaking of a good man, we are talking about a responsible and gentle guy.

One that hasn’t had sex with the whole community. 

One that won’t even bring up his hand to ever touch her…

One that’s very caring.

One that will give them all the attention of this world.

One that’s homely. 

And If you ask a lot of ladies for their choice in a man, this particular man with all these attributes is what they will mention.

But when this man comes, ladies will find fault in him.

Why’s that?

But when a bad man comes around, they will start running against all odds just like the video portrayed it.

And speaking of a bad man,

We are talking about a smoker possibly…

One that has almost had sex with the whole community (an example is Timini)

Someone that doesn’t really care.

Someone that might not even call them in a day.

Someone that has a lot of ladies running after him.

Why’s that too?

Or best put, 

Why do you think ladies cling to such a man especially when they say they want another thing entirely?

And to my best understanding, I have a simple answer for that.

But before that…

Have you ever heard the statement…

“Ladies want attention”

I know you must have heard it times without a number.

And this is what everybody believes that makes them run after ladies.

At least, na attention you want. I go give am to you well well.

But that statement is not complete and that’s why a lot of guys get it wrong.

The complete statement is…

“Ladies want attention from a guy that isn’t ready to give them”

And I feel this should explain the reason why ladies run after these guys that care less about them.

Ladies are always attention seekers.

But if you readily give it to them, they will feel you are not exactly the one they are looking for.

They believe attention is scarce and they have to work to earn it.

Might sound like Bullshit which is totally fine.

But I am speaking from real-life experience here.

I have been a simp in the past and I know what I went through.

For clarity, a simp is a very stupid someone that can do anything for a lady because he likes her.

And I have also been an Alpha male (which I am till now) and I know what I am enjoying.

For context, an Alpha male is someone that rarely gives out his attention to ladies, he just lives his life his way and not to fit into any lady’s schedule.

So when I say I am speaking from experience, I know what I am talking about.

Simping is never a good behaviour.

Even for your customers…

You should never sound desperate which is the core characteristic of a simp.

And that’s why anytime you want to close a sale or even your sales letter.

You should never sound desperate.

Be calm and make it sound as if you don’t need the money even if you don’t have 1Naira in your account.

Let them perceive that if you don’t get the money, you will still live fine.

Let them perceive that you are doing them a favour and not the other way round.

Give your prospect attention because this is what makes your business thrive.

But don’t be 100% available for stupid enquiries especially from someone that doesn’t seem as if she’s ready to buy.

And this is solely targeted at information marketers  

You will see a lot of guys come into your DM.

They will do as if they want to get whatever you are selling.
And all they want is to steal your brain.


Just tell them outrightly that, it’s not available for free.

And that said…

You need to know that…

“Being Desperate Is The Killer Of Sales”

With that, I drop my pen for today.
Have a nice weekend ahead even though I don’t have one.

Dolapo Hamzat. 

I already said I won’t do this again.

But let me do it now.

If you want to be a copywriter or a seller that wants to learn how to use words.

Go over this post again and again

Read this post again and again.

Look at my opening. 

Look at my transitioning. 

Look at my hook.

Look at every damn thing inside this post.

All statements and words are there for a reason.

Find those reasons.

And say thank you when you are done.

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