It’s a one rule fit all



Hey ….
How was the week?
It’s the start of a new week and I plan to anchor the week with a lesson for you..
The lesson is so powerful and I got it from a simple place I never imagined..
And in a minute, I will be giving you this lesson that should set the rest of your week..
But wait fess (no dey rush jare)..
Why didn’t you send me urgent 2k yesterday?
Is that how you should do to me?
Haven’t I been giving you value?
Isn’t it always said that to whom much is given, much is expected?
Why is it so different in your case?
Smh for you..
Meanwhile, one lovely woman sent me urgent 2k yesterday and believe me..
It melted my heart more than the hundreds of thousands I have seen..
You can’t imagine how it is getting free money that yesterday…
It has always been give give… and the last time I took free money was in my Primary 6..
So it felt so good yesterday to receive free 2k from her..
And for you that didn’t send, I know what to do (yes, it’s a damn threat)..
Well, it’s a new week like I said earlier and don’t lemme stress you yet..
You see, one lesson I want to give you throughout this week is…

Never stop putting yourself out there…

You are a freelancer?
You sell digital products?
A business owner that sells physical products?
A service provider?
A coach?
A teacher?
Or anything in between..
Never stop putting yourself out there.. 
And this is why I said so..
I started running Facebook ad for a lead magnet just 2 days ago..
And the ad has actually reached over 13k people. .
And I have gotten over 200 people to gladly give me their emails with confirmation..
See how huge that is?
And the funniest part is that.. majority if these people wants me to handle their marketing campaign for them. .
I advertised free ebook on how to sell.. but they want to give me the job instead..
And by God… I am charging in dollars..
So you see why I said to always show yourself?
You are not making sales because people don’t even know you sell nice shoes and bags..
You aren’t getting clients because people don’t even know you build and design madass websites..
You aren’t selling your ebook well because people don’t know you give better and nice relationship advise..
So you see…
It’s a one rule fit all..
Never stop putting yourself out there..
And you will get all you hope for in abundance..
More sales..
More money..
Peace of mind..
More orders..
They are all possible if you put yourself out there starting today..
And ,  that’s my message to you for the week.
Make do of what you like with it..
I have delivered what I was sent from my dreams..
So let me return to sleep today.. 
I am fasting  
To a nice week of success,
Dolapo Hamzat. 
What am I hearing you say?
That my ad conversion is very bad..
That I should get more than 500 emails?
That I should get this and that?
C’mon… you are right but very wrong…
You see, when it comes to advertisement…
There are a lot of things to take into account and one of these things is..
Knowing your numbers…
I should explain but I will possibly try later. .
But keep this at the back of your mind..

You will most likely get just 1% of anybody seeing your ads..

Do with that what you like..
I am going to sleep.
So you still won’t send my urgent 2k?
I no forget o..
Oya ask for my account details and send me 2k.
Thank you baby…

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