It almost sent me to the hospital…



Hey ,
How are you doing today?
I am not fine (my bones are broken internally)..
Thanks for asking.
What am I hearing?
You wanna know why my bones are broken?
You really wanna know it?
Okay here goes..
I was sitting my ass down jejely in my room..
And I was planning to do my morning workout (just 30 pushups)..
I was feeling so drowsy all because I slept late..
And I am also fasting on top of everything..
Laziness started kicking in and I even planned to skip today..
Buh my consistency spirit kicked in..
I stood up to start my morning workout before something strange happened…
It has never happened before and I was shocked..
In fact, it didn’t only break my bones internally..
It almost sent me to the hospital today.. 
And I will tell you what happened in a minute..
But wait fess..
You see how you are so serious with that story?
How you are waiting for that thing that happened?
How I kept leading you on throughout the story?
Even though everything there was fiction..
But there’s a very important lesson for you there..
When writing stories that you want to make it connect emotionally with your audience..
You need to be detailed asf..
Be so so detailed..
From the tiniest bit to the biggest thing..
You can see the way I took you through my morning schedule with detailed explanation..
And you didn’t even realize it until I am telling you now..
Short and straight to the point stories don’t connect with your audience emotionally..
You get that?
Another thing you want to take note of is..
Never ever be boring..
Please don’t be boring..
You can see the way I led you by hand from the beginning till where I cut your trance..
Because you are writing a very detailed and long story doesn’t mean you should be boring..
Don’t be boring..
You get that too?
Let me give you just a simple example..
I am assuming you sell waterproof wristwatch..
And let’s say you wanna sell it with storytelling..
What do you do?
Start with a Curiosity-driven headline..

How this wristwatch saved a man from losing his job.

Then you write your storyline by telling them about how rain was falling..
The man was supposed to be at work by 8am..
And no matter what, come rain and come sunshine.. he must be there..
So instead of being afraid of his wristwatch getting spoiled..
He entered the rain because his wristwatch is waterproof..
And when his boss saw him entering from the rain with a rain beaten wristwatch..
He felt pity for him and funny enough..
He love the waterproof wristwatch and let him stay because of that..
That’s just a draft that you can create a storyline around..
The draft is looking very sick though..
But trust me, if you write the story well..
You will sell and sell and sell more…
I know this because we have tried it with physical products well..
And trust me with stories..
Yes, I am bragging again plizzzzz..
And that my friend is a simple way to write a very crafty, interesting, detailed and never boring stories..
You get all that right?
Have a nice week ahead,
Dolapo Hamzat. 
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You are still there waiting for what happened to my bones?
It’s all fiction please.

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