Is this the best you can do?



Imagine pouring your whole life into a research..
Getting a madass big idea..
Thinking continuously for hours..
Getting set to write a copy..
The anxiety and fear that it won’t convert..
The writing of the first draft..
And the whole fine tuning of the copy..
And after doing all these..
A client told you..
Is this the best you can do ?
How will you feel?
How exactly will you feel?
So bad!!!!!!
And you see..
That’s also another downside of our work especially as a newbie..
Not even only copywriting..
It’s for all services and even school..
You know the process it takes you to create a design..
Imagine someone telling you is this the best you can do..
So it’s in all field..
And it can be so so discouraging. 
It kills spirit..
It kills morale..
But it’s part of what you signed for..
And you have no choice than to redo it..
You ask them what they want..
And you go over it again and again..
Along the line, she will be satisfied with your work…
And as a client here..
If you hire the service of anybody..
Try and understand them..
Fine, it’s your money.. 
But this is their self esteem here.
Any word you use on them can make or mar their career..
And trust me, you won’t want to start going around with guilts of ending someone’s career..
So so..
Talk politely..
Tell them they should retouch this and that..
Take it easy on them because they are also human..
And that is my rant for you today..
To your success, 
Dolapo Hamzat. 
If you want to have an edge in the business world..
Especially with the ever changing ways of running a business..
Or let’s even say you provide service..
The best thing you all can do for yourself is build a list..
And you can use WhatsApp..
But unfortunately, all these platforms are rented..
WhatsApp can decide to get you banned today..
Twitter can decide to restrict you from doing stuffs today.. 
And Instagram can delete your account today today..
So those are good but temporarily..
Living in the fear of being banned and then..
No more cash flow.. 
So what’s the solution?

Build an email list!!!!

Your email list can never be collected from you..
In case you even tamper with any email marketing platform rules..
They will ban you but you can take your email list elsewhere..
Without even changing the way you send your mails..
And isn’t that sweet..
And wait..
What if I tell you that I changed email marketing platform some days ago?
Will you believe that?
You won’t know and that’s why you need to get an email list now..
But how exactly do you build your email list?
That is where the Email Marketing Detective comes in..
And without making this mail any longer..
Go HERE to read more about it..
It’s a write up and not a sales page..
And don’t worry, I won’t force you to get it..
It’s not a do or die affair.. 
Go HERE to get the Email Marketing Detective.
I know today’s mail is somehow yeah?
It’s unlike me..
Well, I am tired 😫 
Manage it that way..
Tomorrow will be a good day.

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