If you can’t beat them, join them



If you can’t beat them, join them.

This is what I have heard times without number.
I tried to fight it but no.
It’s not even budging and I had no choice but to join them.
We will leave the school and scale the fence around midnight.
After light out and every normal human being is asleep.
That’s when we the underground devils will sneak out.
Even with all the risks involved with going to Minna Town late in the night
We don’t care, that short time enjoyment is in our head.
To just get out of that school stress and trauma is enough to risk all dangers out there.
And when I say dangers…
  • I mean you are at a huge risk of policemen gunning you down.
  • A snake can bite you in the bush.
  • You can be kidnapped in the city of Minna where you don’t even understand their language. 
But even with us knowing these dangers, we still prefer the pleasure of being outside over the dangers.
Pleasure like:
  • Smoking (I don’t smoke please)
  • Drinking (I stopped since 2018 pleaseeee)
  • Eating suya
  • Going to clubs 
  • Going to meet low budget sugar mummies 
  • Amidst other pleasure. 
But you need to put one thing in mind.
I said it before and I will repeat it.
We knew the pains and dangers surrounding us scaling the fence.
But we chose the pleasure over the pains.
What does this mean to you?
It’s simple.
While closing your sales letter, use pain. 
John Carlton called it lighting fire under your reader’s ass.
But doing this too much will earn you nothing that scared readers.
They will be so scared and troubled that they won’t be able to make a decision.
And am I saying you shouldn’t trigger pain?
Hell NO. 
You didn’t see that part of lighting fire under his ass or you just like stressing me?
It’s seriously simple .
Light that fire under their ass but please show them you have water to quench that fire.
Light the fire a little bit, then pour an overwhelming amount of water on the fire.
Simply put,
Show them the pains they will go through if they don’t take your solution. 
But hammer more on the pleasure they will keep experiencing if they take your solution. 
Simple as ABC.
And if by chance you find it very hard to do.
That’s why there’s something called Future Pacing.
This is the point where you make your reader live in his future while still reading your sales message.
It’s as simple as telling your reader…
See your future in your front.
If you decide not to take this solution, this is how your future will be full of pains.
If you decide to take the solution, this is how your future will be full of pleasure and happiness.
And instead of hammering the painful future, hammer the pleasure future instead.
And if you want to know how to do this with relevant examples…
I have something sweet for you here: Something Sweet.
Caress the button, read everything on the page and go for it if it suits you.
Or not.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat


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