I will see someone that will replace you soon



“Your email came in late.
Or you intentionally sent it late?
I don’t even know what to say to you.
You are becoming so full of yourself Dolapo.
Because I decided to always open your emails by 10 am daily
You are getting very full of yourself. 
Don’t worry, I will see someone that will replace you soon.”
And yeah, I am sorry this is coming late . 
I faced a problem which I will be telling you about in a bit.
But if the statement above (in quote) is what you have in your mind.
Well, in normal parlance.
I am supposed to say sorry so you don’t leave my email list.
But you know I won’t say that sorry.
So please, find another email list to join or not.
I don’t care.
I got a question yesterday from a very fine woman.
Hopefully, because that’s what I think and I haven’t seen her before.
And I will tell you her question in a bit.
But have you ever written an email before?
Either to your friend or to apply for a job.
Or you are just like me where my Dad only replies through emails.
If yes, then you are already halfway through email marketing. 
Because this thing isn’t magic.
Just the way you tweet on Twitter.
Or post on WhatsApp. 
It’s not different.
And don’t forget before you start sending out tweets and even chatting with friends on WhatsApp. 
You need to set up your profile, your followers or people you follow, etc.
Just the same as email marketing. 
But a lot of people tends to make it harder than it’s supposed to be.
That’s why this unknown fine woman entered my DM to ask me the question below.

“Is your “almost free” email marketing class for newbies too?”

And I don’t even have to start getting into the specifics.
But as you know I always try to break things down.
So in this class, I am coming with my A-game as usual.
There will be a challenge where everybody will launch their email marketing campaign in a specific number of days.
I will also be doing something spectacular which I am not saying right now.
And all in all, what I am trying to say is simple.
If you have a phone or laptop, this almost free email marketing class is for you.
There are channels you can set up using a phone and I will also be showing you everything. 
And it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the definition of email marketing, 
I will be starting from the basics.
And yeah, I have revealed enough.
If you have paid, well done and welcome.
If you haven’t, kudos to you because I don’t have time for pushing you.
The payment is coming to an end by Wednesday. 
2 days from now.
So you have two whole days to join us.
So if it sounds like something you want and you don’t want to miss the deadline, here’s the next step:
You can join us in the class by following the payment instructions below 👇👇
Pay N1000 into the account details below and send me proof of payment by clicking on the button that follows.
Dolapo Hamzat 
Kuda Microfinance bank  
And away from all that, I had to go to the Nepa office this morning. 
Because since Thursday, my light got disconnected because of a fault from the landlord.
And I have been running on fuel for over 8 hours daily.
Or what concerns the client with no light?
So when I got to their office as early as 8:30 am, I was sha robbed by those Nepa people.
Because it’s daylight robbery because I had to bribe them.
Yes, I owned it with my chest that I bribed them.
I had to drop a certain amount of money to get reconnected. 
Which is a bribe.
But that doesn’t justify my reason for sending the email late.
I just think explaining to you will be good.
And one piece of advice:
If you have the opportunity to be staying at home with your parents
Or they are giving you allowance.
Don’t do any strong head o
Keep collecting and accumulating the money.
Because it’s rough out here.
There’s nothing on the street.
Collect their money and spend.
Don’t rush to take your place.
Expenses here and there will show you pepper.
But you don’t have to listen to me.
It’s on you
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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