I know people will mock me.



Nothing makes me happier…
Than seeing people come to ask me how I have been able to develop my copywriting skill under 1 year.
And honestly, I don’t get tired of also telling them that it’s hard work.
Yes, it’s hard work and it’s not even easy.

Or do you think it’s sexy to sit down every day and do the same damn boring thing?

Or you think it’s funny when your people know you are working like a mad dog and you can’t provide ordinary 10k for something urgent?
It’s not.
It’s hard and rough.
But one thing I told my friends when I started was this.
“I know it won’t be easy.
I know it will be crazily hard.
I know people will mock me and that’s even including you guys.
But I won’t relent because I have ended everything to be with this skill.
I have no plan B for this skill 
It’s either it works or it works.
No negativity and no in-between.”

And boy, I lose friends along the way.
It was so sad but I am this person that moves on quickly.
And I forget things easily which makes my life so so easier.
Instead of sitting down to brood when I am sad…
I do two things instead…

I eat and work.

And these keep me off any sad news or depression or anything in between.
I wake up…
  • Study and dissect sales letters (at least 4 sales letters in a day)
  • Handcopy sales letters in between (not every time)
  • Write an email daily.
  • Write tweets and threads
  • Write samples
  • Rinse and repeat every damn day.
And so you see I didn’t get here by chance?
So if you want to come into my DM to tell me I am really lucky with getting clients and getting good.
You should rethink.
Because there was a quote I saw sometime back that says…

“When opportunities meet preparation, people call it luck”

And the keyword here is preparation. 

Practice like crazy

Work your fucking ass off
Let people laugh at you now.
Just keep going and the result will marvel you.
Meanwhile, I will be a year older in a few days.
Infact, 7 days to be precise. 
And unfortunately, I am not someone big on birthdays. 
But if I slightly cross your mind that day (August 29th)
Say me a few words of prayer that I deserve.
Or not. 
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat. 

Incase this is your first Sunday here…
Let me give you an insight into what’s going on.
Every Sunday here… 
Instead of pure sales and marketing…
I talk about life hacks that I have discovered through this entrepreneurship journey.
The good and bad.
And your lessons from them.
In one word…
I share real-life experiences with you.
And today’s letter is an example of such.
I hope you gained value.

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