I ate a bad food today and…



I threw up immediately I got home.
And that was why I had to take some time to write to you concerning my experience today.
You see, in case you don’t know…
I like food and food comes over every damn thing to me.
You wanna see me and pick my brain? Invite me over for food and I will be there ASAP. 
So yesterday when a friend of mine came into my house.

He shouted Dolapo, I found a new food plug.

And as the foodlum that I am, I was elated.
I told him to let’s go over there ASAP because I can’t wait.
But he reminded me that we have an exam today and we have to read.
I took that sluggishly and proposed we go immediately after the exam today.
God so good, the exam was really terrible and the only thing that can calm me down is food.
So we took a cab immediately from school and drop at the restaurant. 
And with the way my friend hyped the restaurant and the way I am looking at it.
I knew there would be a problem.
I knew I should not eat there.
But a foodlum will always be a foodlum.
The first turn off came when we entered the place and saw the small space.
I told them we should leave immediately but they wanted to eat.
The second turn off was when I noticed one of the waiters was sleeping and even snoring in one corner of the restaurant. 
And instead of me noticing and observing all these turnoffs…
I turned blind eyes to them because of food.
And this choked me up to the extent I threw up like thrice at home.
In a minute, I will tell you exactly what happened and how I almost threw up my intestine because of a simple mistake.
But one thing you should never play with is a red flag or turn off.
If you observe one, just run as fast as your legs can carry you.
You observe a red flag from a potential partner? Run.
A red flag from a potential business partner? Run.
A red flag from someone you want to get a course from? Run.
Red flag from anything? Run.
Because no matter how good-hearted you are, you will still eat that breakfast in full.
Infact, not only in full but in double servings.
But you don’t have to listen to me, go and face it yourself. 
Okay, give me a minute… I want to throw up again.
I am back.
And you see, I forgot to mention to you that after food…
Women come next. 
I like a fine woman with assets at the right proportion. 
And if you call me a pervert, I will gladly take that with my chest.
So when this big-chested waiter walked up to me and asked for my order.
I knew I was hooked.
I knew I will eat this food today no matter the red flag.
And with that, I gave her my order and my friend did the same.
I already started doubting the red flags because for a big-chested waiter like this to be here. E ghats make sense.
And , our orders came and the first person to take up a morsel from the food burst up almost crying.
It was at this point I knew I fucked up.
Salt? I know the ocean really have a hand in the preparation of that egusi. 
Seasoning? I know they employed the CEO of Knorr chicken to help them with the cooking. 
Infact, horrible is an understatement. 
But the funniest thing was that…
I have this crazy belief of not wasting food unless of course, I am too full.
So my friends all took a morsel and left theirs.
I ate mine since I already bought it.
I ate every damn thing 😒 
And when the waiter observed they are not eating, she went to their side to ask them what’s up.
They all said they are fine but lost appetite.
And as a good waiter, are you not supposed to understand that your food is trash?
I bet she doesn’t and immediately I hated her and her big chest.
But that’s by the way.
The main problem now is that I have thrown up like 4 times since I got back.
And this is seriously getting worse.
I am tired.
And this is all because of food and woman.
Meanwhile, before you ask about my exam today.
It was horrible just like the food I ate after.
Dolapo Hamzat  
No matter the stomach ache or disorder…
I won’t forget to sell to you today.
Especially if you consider the fact that today is the last day of registration for the email marketing live class.
So you have the grace to join us until 11:59 pm or say goodbye forever.
Anyone you choose is fine.
But choose what’s best for you.
Anyways, here’s the link to join us: Email Marketing live class.

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