I am going anonymous on this



Hey , 
Today is Wednesday and before we know it…
The week is gone.
And for me, it has been a crazy week whereby I have some things to execute.
Classes to start attending which is painful presently. 
But those are normal things for a student entrepreneur. 
And I have been getting various questions these past few weeks.
Questions ranging from;
  • How do you start email marketing?
  • How are you so consistent?
  • How do you write so well?
  • Yada Yada 
And God so good, I haven’t had time to respond to any of them.
But in this letter, I will answer some of them and probably deal with the rest later.
You see, email marketing is alive.
And forget about whatever you have been told about email marketing being dead.
That shit is alive and generating crazy money for us.
And according to Campaign monitor which is one of the highest ranking blog on marketing news,

“Email marketing gives over $40 ROI for every $1 spent.”

Isn’t that crazy?
Exactly, so have it at the back of your mind that email isn’t dead.
But if we are talking about dead and alive, what’s dead is the way people send emails in the past.
They jumbled up some product images and send them to people hoping they buy.
They write like babies hoping people buy.
And trust people to disappoint them well enough.
So this leads us to the question;

What’s working now in Email marketing?

Well, there is a boatload of things working now…
But you know I like sticking to simplicity, so I will go for what I use well enough. 
1. Email marketing requires you to send emails to a targeted audience.
It’s crazy how some people buy scrap emails and start disturbing these people inboxes with sales pitches.
It doesn’t work that way, you need to create this audience base yourself. 
And how do you do that?
Well, I will keep that for now.
2. Even if they voluntarily opt-in to your email list, that doesn’t mean they will open your emails.
Yes, humans are weird like that.
And how do you get them to open your emails and even anticipate your mails?
Through your contents.
Your emails must be interesting so well that they can’t wait for the next time to come.
At least, you are reading this email because you like the way I write my emails.
And it’s not a surprise that I get over 5 people complimenting my emails every day.
Just like what Chisom said yesterday night,

“I look forward to your emails in my inbox and your status posts.”

Now tell me, if they aren’t great and valuable, will she look forward to it?
Hell NO. 
And that brings us to one thing;
Email marketing works provided you can keep your list interested in whatsoever you are telling them.
I do this effortlessly or wait…
Who am I deceiving?
E get efforts abeg.
3. Giving good content isn’t enough at all, won’t you eat and make money to pay email marketing platforms and also maintain your business?
The main aim of anything in business is to make money and money again.
And email marketing isn’t excluded.
So you want to be very intentional about making sales using email marketing. 
And coming from someone that has done strong six figures through his mails,
I can boldly tell you it’s not easy but very simple.
How do I mean?
The main secret lies in the way you introduce your paid products.
Giving value is top-notch but making money is more important too.
So creating a balance between the two is hard for people.
And you see,
Today’s letter to you is just a snippet of what I will be revealing in the “almost free” email marketing class I will be holding in a WhatsApp group. 
Why did I say “almost free?”
Well, the plan was to make the class free and free.
But unfortunately, when I looked back at the last free class I held in June…
I am not encouraged to hold a free class again because damn.
I always reveal powerful secrets in my free classes talk more paid classes.
And I have also been warned not to even do this for free.
So that being said, I will be segregating the serious from the unserious in this class.
The unserious ones won’t be able to afford the little token of 1k for the class.
And the serious ones will grab the huge offer.
Even though I don’t know which category you fall into, I will still give you the full details now.
1. I will be talking about this class every day for just a week
2. I won’t be talking about the whole benefits of attending the class in the whole week.
You have been here for some days or even months and you know what I can do.
If not, don’t sign up because I also want people with an open mind to join the class.
3. Contrary to your wicked thinking, the class is not free and it’s just N1,000 which is around $2.
4. You will be getting crazy values on;
  • How to start your email list
  • The best way to go about it
  • How to set up an email marketing platform
  • The best one to use (I have used over 5)
  • How to start with segmentation and others
  • How to write your subject line that gets attention 
  • How to use hook
  • How to make crazy sales with easy transitioning 
  • Yada yada
And like I said, I am not writing a sales copy neither am I stating the full benefits.
I am going anonymous on this and let’s see how it goes.
And if by chance this sounds so interesting to you, here’s the next step.
Pay N1000 into the account details below and send me proof of payment by clicking on the button that follows.
Dolapo Hamzat 
Kuda Microfinance bank
And again, pay into the account above and use the button to send me POP.
With that, I think this has been my longest letter to you so far.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat. 
We don’t want a doubting Thomas.
Either you are in totally or out. 
No sitting on the fence and with that.
No refunds 

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