I am actually naked right now all because I want to say things I shouldn’t be saying without being paid..

And not because I am not wearing clothes (what a pervert you are)

And before I continue saying anything at all..

Let’s quickly give the microphone to Gideon who asked me a mighty question yesterday..

And here goes:

Imagine you’re an average guy with no Laptop, a little bit of knowledge of Graphic Design, and all other theoretical skills that you haven’t learn in your Brain, you also don’t know about Facebook Ads.

You have some information products that might seem to help.

You have a sure 30k that’s waiting to be borrowed but you have to pay back in a Month and there are many responsibilities that’s waiting for you real quick which requires money to be solved

What would you do to tackle this kind of situation. Thanks for your answer Sir


But in return to Mr. Gideon question..

I won’t be putting myself in any shoe, I don’t like shoes..

I will be directing the words back to you and Mr. Gideon…

And I will also like to ask him more questions (I am a Nigerian obviously)

The first question is..

How did you get yourself an information product without the knowledge of marketing?

You see, in anything you are selling in this world..

Marketing comes first..

And that’s why it’s called information marketing, affiliate marketing, etc..

Emphasis on the marketing..

Anybody can create a product..

Buh just few people can sell it..

And that above is an example that I am right..

The second question is:

Is there any research backing it up that your information product is what people want?

You see..

You need to really know nobody cares about you not eating or whatsoever..

Nobody cares..

If you don’t have what they want, they won’t give you shit..

Not unless you are begging for alm..

See forget someone is wicked or anything like that..

If I don’t have what you want, you won’t be reading my mails..

You won’t be getting my courses..

And heck, you won’t ever listen to my advise or nugget..

So back to the question, do people want your information product?

The third question is:

Why would you borrow money when you can generate free traffic?

In anything you are doing in marketing, you should learn how to generate both paid and FREE traffic..

Let me give you an example.

It happened to me when I first started this online journey..

I learnt smartphone graphics designing and I was pretty good at it..

So I wanted to monetize my skill but I don’t know how to get clients neither do I have money to run ads..

So what did I do?

I went to Canva and created a design announcing a FREE class in a group..

I wanted to teach them how to make videos that are very catchy (not animations)

And this is something people are actually looking for..

Then I came up with a writeup..

Very shabby and shallow writeup but does it matter?

And after creating the design and writeup..

I had just 60 plus WhatsApp status views then..

Everybody stopped viewing my status when I stopped catching cruise and went into business..

So I created a BC list of these 60 people..

I sent to them to help me repost on their status..

No ads..

Just people reposting and new members are joining the group..

And as they are joining, I am telling them to also help repost..

And the chain kept getting bigger until we have a full WhatsApp group (256 members)

I conducted the class and the testimonials were massive..

Some started using it to make money..

And mind you, I didn’t pitch to sell anything immediately after the class..

All I did was collect testimonials..

And I held another class of this same video creation..

I have testimonials to back it up..

And I used the same free method to get traffic..

And we got 2 groups full..

And after this class..

I pitched my main smartphone graphics design class at 2k each..

And under 72 hours, I made 24k..

12 people paid..

This was actually the turning point..

I got my monthly allowance under 72 hours..

But that aside..

I hope you get my point here..

Give out value



Then try to take..

It’s easier that way..

You can’t rush into online business just like that..

And you are expecting to make money immediately..

It really won’t work..

If you are in need of money badly, just get a petty job while building your online business..

Not you putting the whole trust in online business..

It will fail you 99%.

And one more thing..

The money you will make from selling the first set of your information product isn’t yours yet..

What you want to do is..

Create a cashflow from that business..

Yes, it’s a business..

And how do you create a cashflow?


Repeat what brought the cash in the first place..

Create free class..

Pitch in the class.

Get students..

Repeat and rinse..

But I took my own a step further during that time..

After getting enough testimonials from the first set of my graphics designing students..

I talked to 10 WhatsApp TVs to partner with them..

Just 3 agreed to the partnership..

I raised the fee of my class (turned to course so it will be automated)

I am selling it 5k..

And I proposed to give the TVs N2,500 on each sale made..

A crazy offer which just 3 said yes to..

They were running the ads for me..

Hyping the product because obviously, their money is there..

And that brought in the cashflow because there’s no day I won’t make sales then..

And the cycle continued till I decided to stop it..

So, why do I need the cash flow?

It is to get enough money to pay for more advert.

To also pay a mentor to teach me more about selling online..

Like how to run Facebook ads, set up a website, how to close sales objections, etc…

Someone who has track records.

Someone who is getting the type of results that I want to get.

I submitted to his mentorship.

I asked a lot of questions and I implemented like crazy. ..

And with that, I could tell this short story..

Hope you got answer to your question Mr. Gideon?

And I hope you gained somthing of value too?

To your success,

Dolapo Hamzat.



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