How to be more productive this week!



A new week is here upon me and you ..
And if I may ask..
How do you wish to spend it?
What do you wish to achieve this week?
What’s your sales goals?
I am waiting for response..
And one quick thing before I go…
You see..
It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with the whole goal thing..
Get overwhelmed with the gram..
Get overwhelmed with being busy without productivity..
It’s all normal, trust me..
And that’s why I will be sharing my work strategy with you today..
It’s a simple strategy you have seen before..
And it’s very effective but requires enough dedication and discipline..
And I will show you everything in a minute..
But before that, there’s one simple mantra I also use anytime I am working or doing something new..
And this is..

Anything worth doing worth doing well.

Engrave that in your room and keep looking at it..
It gives you this energy and aura to do everything you are doing well with all vigor. 
You get that yeah?
Now my work schedule is simple..

I work for 90minutes and take a whole break and rest for another 30mins..

And why this?
Because I want to give my brain a good time to rest..
I do copythinking most of the time..
And the brain is always hot in the process..
So I wanna do everything possible to make it relax and calm down..
And one thing is..
What you do with your 30mins break matters a lot..
I watch anime because I love them..
Sometimes I eat between that period which is bad though (stress eating)
You can eat fruits..
Just find something that sharpens your brain and do within that period..
It helps..
And one downside to this is that..
During your 90mins work time,  that’s when you will feel like resting..
And you will feel like working in your 30mins break..
It’s crazy but that’s just your body and mind playing tricks on you.
So it’s now on you to be disciplined and committed. 
And you will figure it out..
That is how I work and become productive..
If you have yours, you can share with me..
If you don’t,  you can emulate this. ..
Do have a nice week,
Dolapo Hamzat. 
Don’t worry..
I know you are expecting to see me pitch about my email marketing Detective here.. 
Buh I won’t do that today..
Even though you can’t shame me into not selling..
But go here to read more about it: Email Marketing Detective 
One of these days..
Should I send you the archive of all emails I have written in the past?
Will you read it?
Or I should even compile it for my email marketing Detective students jare.
You won’t read it because you didn’t pay for it.
No worry.

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