Here’s what the Greek said about sex



I don’t know why people think this way.
And I really can’t fathom why people like being hypocrites.
Because of my subject line, I know a lot of people won’t open this email.
And I know a lot of people would unsubscribe from this list.
Which is very fine.
Because not everybody deserves to be here.
But come to think of it…
I have asked people this question for a very long time.
And I will be asking you the same question too.
Why do people shy away from discussing sex?
No no.
I am not being vulgar here.
I am just trying to understand the psychology behind it.
Because these same set of people that don’t want to talk about sex…
Are also the regular customers of pornhub.
They are the ones that masturbate in reckless abandon when no one is watching. 
So why exactly do they find it hard to discuss sex?
I think I have a subtle answer to that.
And this is what we have been conditioned from kids.
If you are a Nigerian and you live in Nigeria. 
There’s every tendency your parent would have told you collecting money from strangers is bad.
The same way our parents also don’t discuss sex with us because they believe it’s bad.
But how did they give birth to us?
This is the reason a lot of underage girls and boys fall victim to sexual abuse.
No sex education at the appropriate time.
Which should not even be so.
But then, who cares about my rant this early morning. 
Nobody cares.
But just the way people think sex is extremely bad…
That’s also the way people think selling is bad.
Some will even say selling is manipulation. 
Some will say selling is scamming in disguise.
Some will go as far as saying selling is unethical.
But come to think of it…
We are already selling ourselves every day.
That thing people tag manipulation is what we do every day.
If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you sold yourself to him or her.
If you collect school fees from your parent, you sold the idea to them and they paid.
It’s a day to day activity.
We sell ourselves every day.
So I don’t understand why someone will be shy of putting their businesses on their head.
I don’t know why someone won’t want to sell with reckless abandon.
I don’t know why a business owner will care about what every other person is saying. 
Are they feeding you?
Put your market on your head.
Sell aggressively but very subtly.
And this is made possible by using words.
Words that will let people know you are not forcing them to buy.
Words that will prickle their emotions until they buy.
And that’s what the 30 Days Writing Bootcamp Is all about.
Unfortunately, I got the 15 people I wanted and we commenced the Bootcamp yesterday.
It was really fun.
And that’s why Rose said…

“I learned about how selling has more to do with the seller than the buyer”

And the next Bootcamp will be by September which will be more expensive. 
But if you can’t wait till then to learn how to write words that sell.
Here’s something to put you through: Layman Guide To Writing Words That Sell.
Check it out and learn how to write convincing words without manipulation. 
Or not.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat. 
And here’s what the Greek said about sex:
“The Greeks thought sex was the attempt of two bodies, separated long ago, to return to one life.” 
I think the meaning should be very clear to you.
And if not, kindly use Google, my dear.

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