He said I should be stoned because…



Yesterday, I got a lot of insults and curses here and there.
And someone said I should be stoned all because I didn’t complete a gist.
But I don’t even blame the guy.
I blame myself for starting the story at all
And I blame the lady for serving me breakfast.
And I also blame Buhari for being a very bad president.
But I have observed something so far.
I don’t know if you have found yourself in such a situation before.
Because it’s a really nasty situation. 
You know that moment when you broke up with someone for a little while.
But you both missed yourself and had to come back.
And this missing yourself means you guys want to have sex like bunnies.

This type of sex like I have heard is called Makeup Sex.

You know there are many types of sex which I won’t be analysing here.
But makeup sex that involves apology can be really mind-blowing.
You know you mumbling I am sorry in between kisses…
Nibbling at your ear and telling you she misses you.
And before you know it, you found yourself naked in all your glory.
And before you could say, Jack.
The deed has been done.
She is squirting on your face the second time.
And you are also close to relieving all your pent up frustration and sadness in her.
But that’s not even the main issue.

You see, emotions can be very nasty sometimes.

And that’s what gives copywriters an edge over all other human beings.
If you know how to trigger the right emotions…
Your lecturer will offer you sex on a platter of gold
And I am not even exaggerating. 

A ‘master’ copywriter is a dangerous man because he can pull emotions anyhow he wants. 
(Emphasis on the master)

And that’s why the great copywriters find it really hard to stick with a woman (Gary Halbert is an example)
But don’t get me wrong, not all copywriters are fuckaholic.
I am not one please and that might be because I am not a master copywriter yet 🙃

Nevertheless, emotion is a blessing and a curse truly.

Because at some point, you will blame yourself and want to even slap yourself for doing such a thing you did.
And sometimes, you will be glad you followed your heart.
But copywriters are always glad when it comes to emotions.
Because humans make buying decisions emotionally.
If it’s getting analytical (logical), the selling will be compromised…
This means the buyer might decide not to buy again after analysing it thoroughly. 
And this is why you should never play with emotions when selling anything. 
But there’s a caveat though…

Triggering the wrong emotions can sometimes be disastrous

Imagine trying to sell perfume to a married woman with 4 kids…
And you are telling her that guys will smell the perfume on her and starts following her up and down.
Does that make sense?
To me, it doesn’t. 

Which is why you need to understand the 8 emotional reasons people buy.

I explained it thoroughly to people inside the 30Days Bootcamp.
And if by chance my spirit and soul says I should explain them to you tomorrow…
Then I will definitely do so.
And while waiting for that…
If you have always been intrigued by the way I write emails and you read to the end.
Or if you are really interested in this copywriting thing of ours…
Then you should start from the basics.
And here’s something to get you started: Basic Introduction To Copywriting. 
You should do yourself a favor by clicking on that link…
Reading everything and make the damn decision right on that page.
Or not.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat. 
Stop thinking I am a bad person because I talked about sex.
You should know by now that I don’t care about that.
If sex irritates you so much…
I am sorry because I don’t know your background with sex.
But maybe you should try and get along with the past or you dump it somewhere. 
And well, it doesn’t even concern me.
But just know I talk about sex here occasionally though.
So if by chance it will inconvenience you…
Please don’t read my blogposts again because your mental health matters a lot.

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