He came into my DM 2 days ago



I talked about something on my WhatsApp status yesterday
And I got responses from people in the same league.
They related to what I said.
Some even asked me for a way out.
Which by chance, I don’t know too.
And that means something. 
If you have anything you know people want and probably need…
Please sell your shit.
Sell your shit shamelessly. 
Let them talk but don’t forget they ain’t feeding you.
Or you think if I had a solution to writer’s block, I won’t make sales yesterday?
But well, today’s letter is not addressing that.
We are just branching over there.
And let me quickly bring something to your notice.
You might have heard this before or possibly seen it somewhere. 
Heck, I might have even said it before.
But I am repeating it.

Learning how to use persuasion to sell is a skill that can never fade.

It’s a skill that will keep feeding you even if the Internet stops working today.
It’s a skill that will always put you on top of others…
It’s crazy because I discovered this skill by chance.
Not intentional. 
But what it has done for me, I can’t even say it enough.
And what it has done for my mentees and students?
They also can’t say enough.
An example is Victor.
He came into my DM 2 days ago.
Using what he learned in the layman guide, he was able to generate 4k in 2 hours.
And yeah, it’s a small amount of money.
But something that brought you 4k can bring you 100k and more.
And yes, that’s the beauty of knowing how to persuade people through words.
That’s the beauty of copywriting. 
We are not in this game to get a “Thank you, sir”
We are not in this game to get 1M likes…
We are in this game to get ding ding of credit alerts resulting from our words.
We want all thank you to be said through the wallet.
Honestly, hyping aside.
If you learn how to persuade people with your words…
And you master it. (Let’s say 6 months of full focus)
You won’t ever be poor.
It’s just what we do in this game.
And if you also want to join the league of people that persuade through words…
You can start here: Join over 50 persuaders that own this guide.
It’s basic and intermediary knowledge about this thing of ours…
And if you implement everything in the guide…
I can assure you of crazy ROI.
In fact, your bank balance will show you that you didn’t waste your time. 
And again…
If the idea of persuading people through words sound interesting to you.
And you are ready to put in the work…
Start here: Join over 50 persuaders that own this guide.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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