Having problems with starting out?



I don’t know whatever you might have heard before.
And I don’t know your beliefs about it either.
But I need you to understand something. 
And that is:

Rejection sucks.

Heck, it’s terrible and soul-draining.
It’s not easy going after something and you are given a capital NO.
It’s just like that time when we were small.
During harmattan, we have to bath but the cold?
It’s always crazy.
We have to start putting the water on our bodies little by little. 
Till we enter the water finally.
But don’t forget, assuming we had a choice then…
We won’t bathe because the cold is killing us.
Especially if you live on the Northside.
And honestly, trying something new is not entirely different. 
If you know the rejection and loss might cripple you.
Start slowly.
If you plan to send 10 pitches in a day.
Start with 3 and you progress from there.
And if you plan to jog 5 miles daily, start from 1 mile daily.
Or why do you think lifting weights has a progression?
25kg, 50kg, etc.
It’s because putting your all into something at once will cripple you mentally and emotionally. 
That’s why a lot of people get into something and quit along the line.
And yeah, if you want to start any business.
Let’s say your capital is 1M, don’t start with that 1M.
It’s your first time and your 1M can be swallowed in split months.
So start small maybe with 100k and you progress from there.
You know this life is a risk but we have to live.
Same as the business world.
That’s why anytime I wanna run ads, I start very slow.
If I have a 20k per day budget in mind.
I will start from 3k per day and scale from there.
Because if the ad doesn’t convert, I will be able to tweak it without wasting much money.
It’s as simple as that.
Bottom line:
Leave rejection and fear of failure aside.
  • Try new things…
  • Pitch that client
  • Run that ads
  • Send that DM
  • Start that business
  • Etc
But the most important thing is to start small.
And as you find faults along the way, you tweak and progress from there.
People that try new things are not immortal or anything different. 
They just dare to bet on things that are not guaranteed.
I hope you make use of this and go out there today.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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