Don’t cry while reading this, .



By the time you are done reading this letter, make sure you are not crying or feeling emotional. 
You are mature already, so don’t cry.
You see, one thing I have really noticed in life is…
No matter your challenges, if you are determined…
You will scale through.
In fact, it might be really hard just like it was for me some months ago.
February 2021 to be precise.
That was when I dropped everything I have been doing to focus on copywriting.
You might not be new to this statement but you will be plain new to a lot of other things I will be saying.
I dropped everything and started living on my little savings because obviously…
No clients and I don’t wanna sell the course yet.
And unfortunately, my savings isn’t that big because you know any money then…
Na to chop and flex (I don’t drink and smoke though)
So the savings is very small that it barely took me through 2 months.
And if you remember, there’s one woman at the junction of my house called Mummy Happiness.
I wrote a 2 part series on her, so to know and understand her better…
Go here and here to read the series.
(N.B: Read this letter completely before going to read mummy happiness series.)
So she was my saviour then…
I will go meet her to buy stuff on credits and she will smile and say no problem.
She took me like a child and sell freely for me.
This really melted my heart especially if you consider the fact that I was not broke before.
It got to a point I owed her around 27k and I couldn’t go there to buy anything again.
Not because she won’t sell it, but because I have a slight ego.
And she called me one day (around April)
Dolapo, what’s happening?
I stopped seeing you in my shop.
Are you angry at me?
I said no and I explained that I owed her and so I am waiting to pay before coming to buy another.
She really vexed for me and ask me to always come.
She’s a good woman and that’s why I like her and her children especially when you consider the fact that I hate kids abeg.
Meanwhile, here’s a picture of my apartment in February 2021.
(Enable image settings on to be able to see the image)
As you can see, it was unpainted and damn.
Very worse.
Meanwhile, some particular set of people at this period were still calling me rich boss here and there.
  • Me that I am in debt?
  • Me that can’t paint my room?
  • Me that I can’t afford shit?
I will just look at them most times and inwardly curse them.
But I was really dedicated to this copywriting thing.
I dialled in my reps crazily.
I eat junk and practise really hard.
I stress eat and do other things that got me fat.
And should in case you don’t know, stress eating gets you fat and not slim.
And moving on:
I worked with some unfortunate beings in the Internet space.
And here’s why they are unfortunate:
I will work for you even as a newbie but you won’t pay me.
If you would pay me at all, it will be stipend. 
The stipend that won’t be able to feed me for a month talk more about the people that I have to also feed because I am a family man with responsibilities.
But I had to keep working because half bread they say is better than none.
So I kept practising and I kept collecting stipend.
Not until I realize that…
No bread is better than some bread sometimes.
The stipends I get with these crazy and lousy Internet marketers are not worth it.
So I dropped their job with disgust.
And I moved on with no hope of getting shit from anybody.
And you see, you need to be wary of these Internet marketers if you freelance.
They will be the ones telling you to know your worth and charge your worth.
And they will still be the ones paying you peanuts.
Idiot lots!!!
And that was why, when I hired freelancers for my IG page around March this year.
I paid them what they charged and disperse them when I knew I might not be able to pay them again.
So I made sure I did exactly what I want people to do to me.
And I don’t know why people are that wicked sha.
But you see, around April or May (can’t really remember)
I saw Tamilore as my next target.
Meanwhile, I was praying he is not like the mofos I have dealt with in the past.
Nevertheless, we only miss 100% of shots we didn’t fire.
So I sent him an email and the rest is history as you can see.
He took me in and build my confidence. 
Because when I worked with him, he gave me some pointers to build my confidence.
And we are always writing little copies here and there.
And when he told me to write the first Affiliate sale copy…
I wanted to faint because I don’t know if I can do it or not.
Well, I wrote it and he said he will test it.
He said I should be confident that he will spend money on it and if it doesn’t convert…
I will rewrite and he will test again until it starts converting. 
I was happy low-key but I still don’t want to fuck it up.
I wrote the copy and boom.
It was a crazy-ass bang.
Here’s a link to the copy here: Tamilore First Affiliate Sales Page 
The copy has generated over 10M Naira in sales so far
He was really happy and damn.
I was proud and still proud.
So he quickly shoots his shot for the second course which is WhatsApp marketing. 
And that one has been breaking numbers.
Infact, before next week…
Expertnaire will list the course for their Affiliates to promote  
And they are using the sales copy I wrote.
Imagine how crazy that is?
Especially if you consider the fact that I was not even good six months ago.
And this brings us to one saying again.
If you focus on one particular skill for 6 months…
You won’t ever regret it.
Because yeah, I am a living testimony of that quote.
I for once had no mattress in my room (I intentionally skipped that part)
And here I am now using a 12 inches tall mattress…
And you saw my old workspace yeah?
Here’s a glimpse of the new one 👇👇
And it was possible under 6 months without doing Yahoo.

And I know this speaks volumes.

But if you think I am here to rub myself on your face…

Then kindly unsubscribe now.

Instead of you picking motivation and you are picking bad vibes.

Just gettaaaut.

And as you know, I rarely talk deeply about my personal life.

This is why I prefer to stay under and not show my face constantly.

I like a silent life but I felt the need to show you this.

Not to intimidate you or tell you what you are doing is not enough.

Nah Nah.

It’s to show you the possibilities in this thing of ours.

And to show you that if you keep working and grinding…

Payday is coming.

And yeah, thank you for celebrating my birthday with me some days ago.

What do you want as a gift?

Don’t mention money o because I am very broke too.

And that’s to your unending success,

Dolapo Hamzat.


I know the next thing some people will do is start billing me.

Lee to the mao.

You are disappointed already dear because I no get money.



Don’t forget you are here to learn how to write perfectly and sell whatever you sell well enough.

So go back to the beginning of this email and check all I did with the story.

I did things you should know but I won’t be pointing shit to you.

Check for yourself and tell me your observation.

Moreso, you should check the 3 links I embedded in this letter. They are good resource materials for you.

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