Does it concern you?



I don’t understand some people honestly.

And I really find it hard to understand some people that think the world revolves around them

Nah Nah.
The world revolves around nobody.
That’s why a rich man can quickly lose all his wealth in an instant.
And that’s the same reason a poor man can become rich in an instant too.
And this teaches us one lesson.
But before I tell you that one lesson…
Let’s quickly go over something together.
You see, one thing you need to understand when selling is…

We all have different priorities.

Even by leaving selling out of the whole picture…
We all have different priorities in life.

Why do you think a nursing mother would leave her 6 months old kid inside a stuffy car to have sex?

It’s all about priority. 
She prioritizes sex over the life of her child which is fine. 

And please and please, don’t let anybody make you feel bad about your priority.

It’s your life obviously.
So if you decide to prioritize sex over making money…
You are really doing good.

And if you also prefer to run after 5 different skills while starting instead of facing one squarely.

It’s still your priority and you are doing so fine.
But as a marketer, one thing you should take note of in this accord is simple.

People buy anything according to the priority they place on it.

Or why do you think a guy won’t be able to buy a 10k course but will be able to spend 10k on his babe in an outing?
And honestly, I feel it’s a nice move.
We all can’t make money as we want.

Some people will suffer and clean our shoes.

It’s not about being bitter or anything of such.
It’s real fact.
I am not a Muslim nor Christian but I remember one of the holy books mentioned it too.
We all can’t be rich.
And it all boils down to our priority. 
Which as a marketer, is what you should always pay attention to.
We all know that an overweight person is supposed to prioritise exercise over ice cream.

But what if she makes ice cream her priority, does it concern you?

Hell NO.
The only part that concerns you is to think of how to sell her the ice cream.
Go for the money.
And that means, go for what people place their priority on.

And your account balance will show you that you didn’t waste your time.

That being said, I have learned one thing over time.
Even if I mention it, some people won’t believe it.
But then, I am really humble.
I am so so humble. 
But I don’t even know why some guys will conclude I am proud.
Well, it’s all fine and good.
Either you believe me or not…
I am so humble.
And that’s one of the lessons I have learned about life.
Be Humble. 
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat. 

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