Having complete copywriting FREEDOM ninety days from now (maybe less).

What does that mean?

  • No more pulling your hair out trying to write a sales letter or ad that converts…
  • No more failed attempts at coming up with a good selling angle…
  • No more FEAR and hesitation about what to write…
  • No more fear of your offers flopping because you know they will bang.

And when you join this community, you wont have to worry about all that stuff. 

You’ll know exactly what you need to write to compel your prospects to act.

You’ll realize that you don’t need a template.

That there is no one perfect script.

You’ll see that solid copywriting and salesmanship skills are already implanted deep inside your brain and that this “secret” will unlock them and guide you to copywriting freedom.

Just like it has done for Hamot after the third day of joining the first batch of the community.

She has this to say:

Hey Hol’up Dolapo..

What exactly is it you are talking about?


My bad, I wanted to put on my copywriting hat but let me quickly drop it somewhere.

Let me take you back to the beginning and what brought about this community.

Here goes:

Sometime ago, I sent out something concerning copywriters in the post script of my email…

Here’s the question below..

And I got a lot of yes, I am interested..

I would love a community..

I really want to be in a community..


But in all of this noise…

Here’s what you should know (assuming you don’t already know it)

The community is not for newbies that doesn’t know what a lead and headline is..

And I believe by now, this should be a walk in the park for you since we already treated all these…

And contrary to the expectations of the wicked:

The community is not FREE.. (go on, roll your eyes, but just hear me out at least)

All of which brings me to… 

The main meat of the matter:

  • If you are a copywriter and you’re struggling to write high converting copies, consistently… 

Like you take 2 to 3 weeks to whip out a copy,

  • Or you find it very hard to come up with big ideas..
  • Or you find it hard to come up with crazy and unique marketing angles..
  • Or you even find it hard to create irresistible offers consistently.

Like all your offers are always flopping…

  • Or you always experience writer’s block consistently…
  • Or you’re stuck, confused and just need trustworthy hand to provide clarity and help you make progress in your copywriting journey..
  • Or you’re already writing copies effortlessly, 

But you want to take your writing and thinking skills up a notch… 

Get foreign clients, 

Expand your copywriting network..

Meet new and budding copywriters..

Then here’s the deal:

I would like to help you gain clarity and pave a good and successful path in your copywriting journey..

And I will be showing you simple ways you can whip up long form sales letter easily using copythinking..

Now how do I plan to do that?

And how will it be of help to you totally?

Let’s begin with: A community 

Maybe you’re just hearing about it for the first time..

But a community gives you access to others’ thought on your copy..

Infact, the great David Ogilvy said..

“Get a second eye to check on your copy before submitting it to your client..”

This means, you get enough people to critique your copies which in turn makes you outdo your best..

I know the huge mistakes a community has helped me avoid in my copies..

And you will be seeing how each person writes their copy..

You will get into the thought process of others…

You will see how to correct your mistakes easily just by getting other eyes to look over your copies..

And much more…

That’s just a community 

Now considering all these high-ending information you will have at your disposal..

One thing that a lot of A listers copywriter has said..

Ranging from Stefan Georgi to Craig Clements to Andy Mukolo…

Is getting access to swipe files..

You see..

Swipe files will help you make quick decisions when it comes to writing your copies..

You don’t have to think and think for weeks to come up with a copy..

You have something that already worked and it’s still working..

So why not model it?


And that’s why you will be getting access to RMBC swipe files..

RMBC is a course by Stefan Georgi..

Stefan Georgi has written copies that have gone on to generate over $700M in revenue…

It cost $997 to lay your hands on this buyer’s swipe file..

They are not old swipe files of 1980..

They are new ones starting from 2002 till 2020..

Interesting right?

And fortunately..

They are being updated on a regular..

And with these new swipe files, you will immediately get access to new ways of writing easily..

And be able to come up with copies ASAP…

And one more thing..

Do you think you really don’t understand how to dissect a copy when studying?

You don’t know where the lead stop..

You don’t know what the headline is made up of..

Heck, you even don’t know why that bonus is included in the offer..

And you know that if you dissect a copy without understanding all these basics, you are only wasting your time..

I will be glad to let you know that..

I will send you a daily video that will dissect a copy as a whole for you..

I will tell you why it worked..

I will show you the thought process behind the headline and the copy as a whole..

I will take you through the thinking behind the offer..

We will dig deep into the close and why it’s not desperate..

And many more..

You will also have access to dissect a sales copy perfectly following each video daily..

Just like Tinso here, he was able to dissect a whole sales letter after the first 7 days.

And finally…

Dissecting a copy isn’t even enough..

If you really want to understand copywriting as a whole and..

Get a neurological imprinting of copywriting..

You need to handcopy great sales letters and great emails..

But unfortunately..

It’s not easy to be consistent in this type of thing..

Yes, it’s not even your fault because I was not consistent too..

But not doing this means you are endangering your copywriting journey..

And that’s why I will be introducing a challenge in the community…

This challenge is all about you dissecting copies daily..

And handwriting the copies..

2 to 4 hours daily will suffice to do all these..

At least, if you dedicate this little time daily..

And in 30 days, you start seeing huge and crazy improvements in your writing and thinking process..

It’s a great ROI..

And then…

There’s me, myself and I…

In addition to the daily sales copies dissecting videos…

I will also be jumping on a weekly call with you..

Where I will share my process and steps of writing copies…

No hype and no needless grammar (you know I don’t understand English)

Just stuff I have learned over the past few months of writing for companies..

And making them ungodly sum of money easily..

And stuff I have learned from selling out my own services…

Just plain and straightforward guide of becoming a better copywriter..

And now comes the question:

Do you think getting access to a community.. Getting access to a crazy billion dollars swipe files.. Getting access to a daily dissected sales copy video.. Handwriting sales copies daily.. And seeing me live every week… Will possibly have a change in your copywriting career?

If yes, then here’s the rest of it:

This community is an online community

So no physical meetings (obviously).


Considering the level of attention I will giving to you,

I can’t take in more than 20 persons.

And thirdly…

Even if you have the N10,000 fee…

This community is so dear to my heart…

You can only sign up after I have spoken with you to see if you’re a good fit for this community.

And fourthly…

The community is a monthly subscription one..

But for the first 90 days..

You are getting in with a one time fee..

And the way it’s structured…

90-days might even be too much for you to become an animal in copywriting..

You’re getting wheat…

Not chaff that leads to even more confusion…

And fifthly…

Here’s what you are getting access to again:

  • Access to a community where you will be held accountable and also get second eye on your copies. (worth N50,000)
  • Getting access to a crazy billion dollars swipe files..
  • Getting access to a daily dissected sales copy video.. (worth N100,000)
  • Handwriting sales copies challenge.. (worth N35,000)
  • And seeing me live every week to tackle your questions and give live reviews on how I write copies.. (worth N105,000)

And fortunately, you won’t even be paying anything near those prices.

Like I said earlier,

The one time fee for the community is N10,000

But what I also need to point out is:

As with all my programs now,

There will be guarantee but with a clause of course..

You must have gone through all the process and checklist in the community..

And implement them all..

And if you feel they haven’t changed your copywriting game after 30 days…

Hit me up with proof of implementation..

And you get your money back immediately..

This is the only clause for guarantee..

But if you’re still interested…

And you have a bit of faith that…

Well, I’ve been reading this guy’s email, whatsapp updates and tweet for a while now

And I think he’s legit

I really believe what he has put together will help me change my copywriting game…

And I’d like to be one of the 20 persons (pioneers) partaking in this amazing community…

Well then….

I can’t stop you

Actually, I’m happy you’re joining us

Because apart from the fact that this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before…

Another interesting fact to consider is:

Whenever I put out any program,

The results are always amazing for those who take it very seriously,

And on that basis…

If you can afford this community

And you want to register your interest right away

Kindly click the button below to get access to my WhatsApp..

Tell me your name and a number I can call you on..

Then we book appointment and I will call you to see if you are a good fit for this community.

And one more thing,

There’s automatic qualification for my mentees (they paid 35k to get into my personal mentorship mehn)..

And I have like 6 of them presently serious..

So that means, there’s just 14 more slots…

And when I posted this announcement yesterday..

There’s about 50 people that shouted “yes” who I figure would really want to be part of this program

And I am only looking for 14 persons

I think the handwriting on the wall is saying:

Many people will be interested.

And it’s going to be on a first-come, first-serve basis

So if you’d like to make the cut

Maybe you should click on the button below immediately after reading it

With your full name and phone number.

To your success,

Dolapo Hamzat.



Are you disappointed the community is not a FREE one?

If yes…

Then you’ve only just confirmed what I’ve always suspected

I shook my head for you..

Because come to think of it..

You attended school for free?



Even if you are not a copywriter..

But you know a copywriter who really needs this community

Kindly let them know about this opportunity

If they want more information,

You can share this page with them

And if they want more information still…

Well, what can we do?

Tell them to send me a mail with their name and phone number here:

T for Tenks.