A guy came to my DM on Twitter and he said this:



What some people pay attention to is totally unnecessary most times.
Like, these are things you can just overlook and forget about them.
But you decided to put in your full energy and what does that mean for you?
That means you wasted time that’s not enough on other things that aren’t important. 
And that’s why instead of you to start picking out lessons in this letter…
You will be waiting to hear an apology from me because I posted this blogpost late.
And I will give you that apology because I am nice.
But away from all the apology thingy…

Do you know this copywriting thing is simple?

Do you know just anybody can learn it?
Do you know you don’t have to understand total English before you can become a top copywriter?
I see people make this mistake a lot.

Infact, a guy came to my DM on Twitter and he said this:


I just smiled because you are getting this thing wrong.
I am very poor with English (thanks to Grammarly)

Evaldo Albuquerque, the highest-paid copywriter in Agora came from Brazil.

Infact, he couldn’t pronounce and spell more than a cup, boy and other simple English words when he got to America.
But here he is now, highest-paid copywriter in Agora.
So it’s really not about your English certification. 
And heck, it’s not about your English background. 

It’s totally about your in-depth understanding of human emotions and behavioural patterns.

You see, let me give you a quick run back of my journey into the human behavioural pattern.
It didn’t start with copywriting. 

It started with a relationship brand I was running in 2020.

I have always been obsessed with females and how they think.
Don’t blame me, I just like women very well.
I am always intrigued by how these creatures think.
  • Why do they cry for almost everything?
  • And how can someone push away someone they love because they want to form a hard guy?
These and many more questions are always in my head and I decided to study them.

And truth be told, I got to realize a lot of things that already conditioned my mind into getting how ladies think.

So, without further ado…
The relationship brand boomed because damn. 
I wasn’t selling anything then but I always give advice that works.
But due to various circumstances, I had to stop the brand from operating.
And this is the foundation I had with human emotions. 

And when I started copywriting full time, it got kinda easy for me to master.

Hol’up, don’t get me wrong.
I haven’t mastered copywriting and I still find it hard to come up with big ideas.
But my growth was crazily massive and I am grateful for that.
And that’s why I always tell anybody, there are limits to what you can achieve in this Internet marketing if you don’t have a guide.

For context, Internet marketing here means you are selling online.

Either physical or digital product or anything in between.
You are selling and receiving money on the Internet. 
And if you don’t have a guide or mentor, there are huge limits to your achievement.
Because you can’t figure it out alone.
My growth was so rapid because I had and still have guides and premium mentors.
It cost me a ton but you can see the result yourself. 
And that’s why anytime someone buys anything through a copy I wrote…
I am always grateful and I never took it for granted.

It’s all hard work and smart work. 

And the smart work here is me getting a mentor.
So now imagine me giving you the same privilege I got.
And I am not even telling you to pay the normal 75,000 Naira I charge for my 60 Days one on one mentorship.
I am not telling you to even break the banks.
I am only giving you premium access and opportunity for a very affordable price.

And yeah, I know how Nigeria is presently but that should not concern you.

Because if you can write words that sell…
  • And you can afford to live life the way you want.
  • You can even afford to get anything you want.
  • And you can take good care of your loved ones.

Then, the crumbling economy in Nigeria won’t even affect you.

And here’s a chance to be able to do all this effortlessly.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat. 

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