I have never done this before.

And I don’t even see myself doing it in the nearest future because…

Well, it’s time-consuming.

Infact, when I got the idea late last year, I thought about it in a different realm and I felt…

I don’t have that time.

But just last week, someone came to my DM.

He wanted to learn Copywriting and he doesn’t want to get my course.

He said he doesn’t work well with courses or something.

I told him that’s an excuse for his laziness and all.

But he insisted on any possibility of a live class with me.

I said yes and that’s my personal mentorship.

It’s presently $500 (N250,000)

And even if he can afford it, I am presently not taking any student.

After the back and forth (I left him on read because I rarely chat for long)

He told me he can’t afford it and asked for something closer than course and less closer than Personal mentorship.

I got him and I gave him a simple answer.

You wanna know my answer?

Then get ready for this bumpy ride.

Imagine having exclusive access to me for 4 weeks where you can ask me anything concerning…

  • How to develop your copy chops and become a better copywriter.
  • How to get more clients and other systems that make me money as a copywriter.
  • How to instill the right mindset that filters the negative things and work based on the positive.

Good yeah?


And on that note…

I will be introducing you to…

My first ever 4 weeks group coaching.

I have never done this before but we can always start from somewhere yeah?


And this 4 weeks group coaching is open for:

  • Newbie copywriters that know what copywriting is and want to develop their persuasion skills more.
  • Intermediate copywriters that want to get more clients and develop their copy chops.

And what this means is…

Whether you’re a beginner just getting started, or someone who’s already implementing but wants to take things to the next level…

I’m confident I can help you in the following aspects:

  • Developing your copy chops.
  • Getting your mindset ready for success
  • Increasing and scaling your monthly income through clients, JVs, and some other systems I use.

Moving on:

I will be providing guidance (what has worked for me) beyond what I do in the regular layman guide support group.


  • What you need to include in your copy to make it convert more.
  • What you need to take note of when doing your research so you can easily have big leverage in your copy.
  • What you need to look out for immediately you get a new client.
  • What to put in place to get a new client.
  • How to structure your pitch so the client can easily respond and take you in as either a retainer remote worker or just a freelancer.
  • We will also be working together on how to create your samples, offers for your clients, pitches to send and how to follow up.
  • I will also be providing you an avenue to detect the right client even before you approach them instead of having to deal with a bad client.
  • And many more.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner with no experience.

If you come in ready to learn and implement, I’m confident you’ll love the results.

But before we get to the rest of this thingy…

Here are some disclaimers you might want to consider before getting all excited.


You must be ready to work very hard.

I don’t give my time to lazy folks no matter how close we are.

You need crazy work ethics or else.

You should not even get hyped up for whatever I want to say.

Heck, you should not even be on this email list if you can’t work hard.

It’s just the basis of this thing of ours.

If you understand that…

Here’s another one you should take very seriously.

The program isn’t for total newbies.

And when I say total newbies, I mean people who don’t even understand what copywriting is…

People who still struggle to define who a copywriter is.

This program isn’t for you because we will only drag ourselves back.

And we have limited time than for us to start dragging ourselves back.

So if you want to take this program, just go to Google and understand what copywriting is and who can be a copywriter.

Understand that too?


Moving on to the rest of the proposition.

Here’s everything you are getting if you sign up for the 4 weeks group coaching program with me:

  • Access to the layman guide and its perks (if you haven’t gotten it)

This is my signature course on copywriting and it will easily take you from a newbie copywriter to an intermediate copywriter.

(It’s presently selling for $50 and you can read more about it here: Layman Guide)

But here’s the layman guide in summary:

  • It will teach you how to get your mindset ready for $1000 deals upward.
  • It will show you how to become a copywriter properly by learning the persuasion and necessities of a copy
  • It will show you how to get clients and also make money as an affiliate.


  • 2x live calls in a week for the 4 weeks (8 calls in total)

This is where we will discuss things from:

  • Mindset
  • Review copy and give actionable steps to make it better
  • How to write pitches
  • How to create samples
  • Market research
  • How to increase your monthly income
  • How to set up a system 
  • Etc.

This is the real juice of this program.

  • A support group.

You will get to ask me questions in this support group and I will answer you as soon as possible.

You also get to network and connect with other budding copywriters like you.

And what’s more?

I will make sure I also answer your questions for another 4 weeks even after the coaching program has ended.

And this means…

You will still keep getting actionable tips and you won’t get lost or confused whatsoever.

I think that’s all for the program.

And the first live call will be on March 14th.

I have never run this kinda thing and I am not sure I will be running another one after this.

Even if I will be running another one, it will be far more expensive.

Let’s say $500 upwards.

And I won’t even take as many as I will be taking in this edition.

I think the handwriting on the wall is saying…

You should hop in for this edition or you pay more for the next edition (if there will be)

And if you can see the handwriting on the wall and you are interested in joining this edition.

The enrolment fee is just $100 (N50,000)

I’m confident you’ll make that money back several times over when you sign your first client or your first JV deals.

See it as an investment that will come back in many folds.

And if you’re still up for this…

Here’s how to sign up:

There’s a big button rearing its head below.

Immediately you click on the button, it will redirect you to my WhatsApp DM where you can ask for the account details to make payment.

After making payment, I will take it up from there by sending you the link to join the support group And the link to the layman guide.

So that’s that.

  • If you’re interested in working with me over the next 4 weeks to improve your mindset for bigger wins…
  • And sharpen your copy/selling shops for more monthly income…




That’s supposed to be all yeah?


But it won’t be bad if we have a few FAQs down here yeah?

Exactly and here goes:

I don’t know if you have ever noticed or you have heard me talk about it.

I really like to protect my energy and this extends to my classes.

I believe getting the right people into your class or course matters more than the number of people that get the course.

And that’s why I always find every way to discourage lazy folks from taking my class or course.

They will contaminate the right energy I will be exalting in the class.

And little bad energy tends to spoil a good heap of work.

But here we are with me giving you 5 reasons why you need to be in my new 4 weeks group coaching program.

And yunno, answer some of your questions so far with the coaching program.

Mind you, I am not here to beg and manipulate you into joining this group coaching program.

I am only here to show you some things you need to know that can aid your buying decision, okay?



I will be investing a lotta time into the mindset and client acquisition strategies than actually developing your copy chops.

Don’t get me wrong, you need to have strong copy skills and I will be helping you with that on a deeper level.

But what’s with a crazy-ass copy skill without income to show for it?


So we will be spending lesser time on the copy skill thingy which is why I included the layman guide as a bonus for everyone joining the coaching program.

The layman guide will give you the real and unfiltered guidance you need to get your copy chops on the right path.

At least, it has done the same for 100s of my students and you can find their testimonials on the layman guide sales page.


You might have started copywriting before me or even after me but…

At least, I started February 2021 but the question is…

  • Have you been able to charge your client over $1000 for a sales copy without feeling guilty and unworthy?
  • Have you been able to generate over $150,000 in sales with your words?

If yes, this group coaching program isn’t for you.

But if no, then there’s definitely something I know that you don’t.

  • And this is why I will be showing you some of my best-kept secrets when it comes to mindset.
  • I will make sure I put your mindset in the right shape that you will see charging $1000 for a sales copy as chicken change.
  • I will also be showing you the pricing strategy I use to charge my clients and how they find it quite easy to pay me $1000 upwards (even for Nigerian clients)


  • I will show you the best way to create an offer for your client that will make them feel very foolish not to take your offer and pay you what you charge them.

This is the big boys’ game and I am bringing it to your table too.


If you have bought the layman guide before and you are interested in the 4 weeks coaching program…

You don’t have a discount.

This means you are paying the same N50,000 as others.

And this is because the layman guide is just a bonus guide

  • The main offer of this coaching program is my time.
  • The live classes.
  • The support group
  • Etc

Those are the main products.

The layman guide is just a bonus, so even if you have bought it before…

You will still pay the normal N50,000 to join the coaching program.


This 4 weeks program is for you if you are a beginner, intermediate, or an expert copywriter that wants to:

  • Develop your mindset
  • Get good with your copy skill
  • And land high and better-paying clients.

I have done this and I am still doing this.

This is what I want to show you in this coaching program.

Moreover, I am making it this cheap because this is the first time I will be doing such.

By the time I will be doing the second one, I would have gotten testimonials and case studies…

And this means one thing.

More money to be paid by you.


I am only taking 20 people for this batch of the group coaching program.

Nothing more than 20.

And I have had some signups from folks I was not even expecting.

They signed up all giddied up for the coaching program.

That said, if you are interested in what I have been saying so far…

Here’s how to sign up:

There’s a big button rearing its head below.

Immediately you click on the button, it will redirect you to my WhatsApp DM where you can ask for the account details to make payment.

After making payment, I will take it up from there by sending you the link to join the support group And the link to the layman guide.

So that’s that.

  • If you’re interested in working with me over the next 4 weeks to improve your mindset for bigger wins…
  • And sharpen your copy/selling shops for more monthly income…

Also, the deadline for registration is March 13th at 11:59 pm.



If you have any questions whatsoever about this 4 weeks group coaching program…

Reply to this email and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Moreover, I will also be showing you some things I learned from top copywriters like

Andy Mukolo
Rachel Augustine

And also top Internet marketers like

Tamilore Adewuyi

And if everything is clear enough for you to make a buying decision.