20 Million Naira in Sales!!!



I hit a brand new milestone yesterday. 
And even though this milestone looks so trivial and small.
It’s still something interesting for me.
And heck, it’s something I jubilated about because I never saw it coming yet.
Which is why I always tell people…
In all thy doings, never give up.
Here’s what I mean:
The two controls I wrote for Tamilore have been bringing in crazy-ass money.
And just yesterday…
He (Tamilore) told me that he hit 1000 sales which is equivalent to…

20 Million Naira in sales!!!

Like damn.
That’s huge.
And that’s just for one client.
So anytime I tell you that I have done over 50 Million Naira in sales for my clients
You better believe me because just one of them has done over 20 Million Naira.
But that’s still not the whole point.
I remember when I wrote the first copy (The first Affiliate copy)
I wrote the copy with everything I had then.
And this is because it will be my first ever copy to be tested.
I am just a guy implementing and practising like crazy.
But I don’t have a copy to my name because I was scared.
I kept delaying the submission of the copy because I was scared.
And to make matters worse…
When I submitted the copy and he ran traffic to it for 3 days…
We had no sales at all.
Like nobody bought for 3 days.
I was scared and devastated. 
I was thinking that…

“If this thing doesn’t work, I will be fired”

How will I do it?
Things like that kept crawling to my head.
But that didn’t faze Tamilore.
Because he kept running ads to the copy and on the 4th day…
It blew up.
Infact, it blew outta proportion. 
I think we made like 5 sales on the 4th day which is around 100k in sales.
He told me and I shouted.
, I was so happy.
But you should notice something…
Patience is a virtue.
Assuming in the first 3 days, Tamilore has killed the ads and assume the copy is not good…
It would have affected me directly or indirectly. 
I wouldn’t be with Tamilore till today 
And who knows?
Tamilore might not have had 20 Million Naira in sales yesterday. 
It’s all about patience.
And that’s why anytime I see someone that ran ads for one or two days and claimed it’s not working…
I just laugh and say…

“This person is not ready”

  • Marketing 
  • Advertising 
  • Getting results
  • Copywriting 
  • Making money online generally  
They are all games of patience.
And if you have been trying to hit it for some months and it’s not hitting the main spot.
Trust me, it remains just a little time.
Just a little.
Just keep hammering on it.
Very soon, you will rejoice with your results.
And one more thing.
If you have been trying to also hit it for a while but it’s not yet there.
Check what you are doing.
  • Is it the right thing?
  • Is it correct?
  • Are you doing it right?
  • Are you supposed to have a little variation of it?
  • What exactly are you supposed to do?
  • Yada Yada.
Because like I have heard in the past…
“Only a fool does the same thing over and over again without seeing a result.”
You have to apply different variables to make it make sense.
Let’s assume you are a copywriter. 
And you have been learning on your own for a while.
You are finding it hard to get clients.
You are told Upwork and Fiverr but you have not gotten a single client on there.
You are told cold emailing but no one is replying to your pitch. 
You are told LinkedIn but no one is accepting your connection request. 
Why not apply a little variation to your pitch?
Here’s what I mean:
Let’s say you are pitching them directly to hire you.
Why not try to build a relationship first?
Why not try to set up a meeting first?
Why not try to make these people relax first and let them know you are different from others?
These things look very trivial but they are the real deal.
They are the game-changers.
And heck, they make you get results faster. 
Because one thing I forgot to mention about the first 3 days of Tamilore ads is that…
We changed the targeting of our ads on the 4th day and it blew up.
We were targeting the wrong set of people initially and we got no result 
But when we targeted the right people, we made 5 sales on the first day.
You get?
It’s that simple.
Don’t keep paddling one way if your canoe is going backwards…
Try the other way round and see.
Meanwhile, if you have been trying to hit it with copywriting for a while.
Maybe you are having problems with client acquisition. 
Or you are having problems with writing a solid copy.
Or you even want to know how I have been able to write copy(s) that has generated over 50 Million Naira for myself and clients…
Then here’s where I embedded the secret:
Something that will solve your problems in copywriting. 
Romance the blue link above and do the needful.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.
I am contemplating something. 
Here’s it:
I am contemplating giving a 50% discount on my course. 
And this means…
Instead of paying N10,500…
You get to pay N5,250 in 3 days.
And more so, it will be available for just 10 people.
Don’t even worry.
My course is discounted enough.
I am not interested again.

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